Changes to the list

Some of this stuff I’ve moved up to my “official list” – some things have changed, and I’ve added others.

  • Go to Costa Rica
  • Take a workshop with Deena Metzger
  • Take Earth Activist Training
  • Ride my bicycle to California to take Earth Activist Training
  • Travel to India
  • Travel to Indonesia
  • run a Satsung – kirtan
  • Ride my bicycle along the length of the Pacific Coast
  • travel to Argentina
  • go to Prague
  • go kayaking in Alaska
  • have such successful workshops that I must keep having more!!!
  • travel as a result of my workshops, circle out from Flagstaff, travel by bicycle to get where I’m going
  • Paint! – this is bubbling up more and more, it must happen
  • travel to Tibet
  • Visit my friend Ana and her family in Australia
  • get a Masters in Religious Studies – beginning to feel like having a Masters Degree isn’t really all that important – I’d rather LIVE
  • travel to Peru—learn about shamanistic cultures there
  • visit Macchu Piccu
  • learn Latin American Spanish * * *
  • Learn sanskrit
  • walk the Great Wall of China
  • visit the Galapogas Islands
  • visit Turkey
  • visit Morocco
  • learn Arabic
  • meditate for at least 20 minutes every day
  • do something pertaining to reiki at least once a day
  • start teaching reiki
  • have a vacation every 9 weeks (switched it from 12)
  • practice tantra
  • be kind and courteous
  • do my work with good cheer—do whatever I can to see work as fun
  • save 10% of all of my income before paying bills
  • send work out for publication on a weekly basis
  • travel to Japan
  • keep records of all the workshops I lead
  • keep records of all of my clients
  • create knitting book with my knitting pals
  • let me friends know I appreciate them
  • write a poem a week
  • learn Illustrator
  • knit my own curtains
  • painting studio
  • writing studio
  • cut off internet usage by 9:30 pm
  • read every book I own – this will be neverending, I can’t help it, I just accumulate books
  • read a page a day from the “Reiki Handbook”
  • make my bed everyday
  • make glasses out of wine bottles
  • set up a potter’s studio
  • tell my loved ones something loving everyday
  • finish my yoni weaving
  • finish my artsy weaving
  • photograph all of my artwork and document correctly
  • give myself a facial once a week
  • drink at least a gallon of water a day (I live in the desert)
  • look at old journals for 10 minutes a day, mark interesting stuff
  • type up the good stuff in my old journals and let go of the physical journal
  • switch out light bulbs to florescent as they need replacing
  • make my own jeans
  • make my own skirts
  • get a tattoo when I turn 40
  • paint portraits of all my friends
  • write songs and perform them with a band
  • learn to play my dulcimer well
  • follow through on t-shirt ideas
  • be in a Christian White film
  • visit Cambodia
  • create a beautiful home with my sweetheart

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