I love 11.02.09

Back to loving. I love my friends, yes I do! I love riding my bicycle. I love being able to wear jeans. I love the sun coming through my window. I love this bright, sunshiny day. I love that I will get to see Randy on Saturday! I love that I have made a decision about a certain job. I love that I get to talk to people for work. I love that my arms are getting stronger. I love that my shoulders and neck are getting stronger. I love that I laugh. I love that I can move my head. I love that henna works well for me. I love getting paid for work that I do. I love that I am sane. I love fresh air.

– – –

Started a part-time job at NAU today. It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to work more than an hour or two a day – before that I was in so much pain from whiplash that I was just exhausted all the time from holding my head up and being in too much pain to sleep.

I’ll be doing student advising, which is a good service and I think will be fun.

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