From the Energetic Body to the Page: Discovering the Self ~ Part 3

continued from December 5th, 2009 . . .

Below, you will find a short description of each chakra, and writing prompts designed to stimulate the chakras. Before delving into the chakras, some suggestions on the writing process . . .

1. Decide how long you’d like to write—5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour—try to dedicate the same time to each chakra. You may want to do one prompt a day, or try writing on the same prompt every day for a week.

2. Perhaps you’d like to center yourself with some relaxing shoulder rolls, a few quieting breaths, and a place to get comfortable. (Conversely, one of the gifts of journaling is, you can do it anywhere. Try the same exercise on a subway, a café, with friends. How does your writing change as you respond to your environment?)

3. Read the prompt, breathe in each word by inhaling and exhaling the word, then breathe in the entire prompt.

4. Where do you feel it in your body?

5. Now, write.

There is no wrong way to do this. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. They do not matter here. There is only one rule, keep your hand moving until time is up. If you feel stuck, keep writing anyway. Try going back to the prompt and write it out until other words arise, then write those—or, repeat the last word you wrote again and again until new words appear—or, write, “I am stuck,” or “I can’t think of anything,” as long as you keep your hand moving. Writing is physical, the words will move through your body and come out of your hand—just keep it moving.

6. Put your work aside for a day or two before reading it over. You might be surprised at what you have written!
Mostly, I invite you to have fun! Although the prompts are linked in some way to the chakras, I encourage you to let go and not think too much. Just write whatever comes to you.

to be continued . . .
Stay tuned for chakra prompts over the next week!

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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

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