We do not hold the beach!

Men(?) are more interested in violence than sex.

Men(?) are more interested in violence than sex(?)


He’s says the scene is so horrible, but how many times has he watched it? Is that what  we do with our lives, day in and day out? Watch the horrible scene? Watching the horrible scene is what my life has boiled down to.

Change. Change has got to happen.

Who’s in command here?

We do not hold the beach!

Here is somebody you can help.

They’re killing us. We don’t have a fucking chance and that ain’t fair!

On the line!

We’re in business!


He’s gone.

Come on! Come on!

It’s coming through me — it is not me — it’s coming through me. I’d forgotten that bit. It’s moving through me, I am merely the vessel, the channel . . .

We’re in business . . .

Don’t shoot; let ‘em burn!

I don’t think the same thing’s gonna happen here.

Belief is power.

I hate football.

© 2006

finding space in the noise at the beach

  1. You’re a beautiful woman!


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