Holographic Consciousness

We are in the middle of exploring the 6th chakra in this session of Writing the Energetic Body. Anodea Judith says, “how we perceive the world is how we command the world.” In other words, what we look for is what we see or bring into our lives.

The following video ties in well with the concept of vision manifesting reality.

I definitely prefer beautiful patterns—time to shift my vision . . .


  1. This is great. Thank you.


  2. Dear Holly: I watched this video 3 times… and then many of the recommendations on youtube! As you probably know by now, I love your blog… I’ve nominated you for the “A Thought Provoking Blog Award”. I look forward to your next post. Best, James.



    1. HI James, Wow. I am very glad you are enjoying the blog. Thank you for the nomination – I am amazed. Om shanti – Holly


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