Fred Rogers is so cool!

Thank you Mr. Rogers!

When I was a child, I felt like Fred Rogers was looking out for me. It is amazing how his show helped me to feel “normal” and not like I was “weird” for enjoying reading, drawing, and daydreaming. Just a little shred of evidence that I was just fine was all I needed to get through—despite much of the conditioning from public school, some of my bullying siblings, and other programming on television.

Mr Roger’s testimony is so clear and eloquent and heartfelt. Wow, what a sincere person, so refreshing.

I’m glad Mr. Rogers had his tv show. Reading helped me to feel good, too, especially when I’d bring a good book with me up the pine tree where I could perch and see the whole neighborhood (which mainly consisted of more trees, there weren’t many kids)—and that learning in school was so (sometimes almost painfully) easy.

And in case you missed it . . .

  1. Thnx Red! I heard the remix b4 and I LOVE IT!!


  2. i posted the remix about a month ago – but i love it. and his testimonial is so sincere and beautiful – to keep pbs alive


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