Divine Inspiration and Goddess of Astrology, Patrice Kamins

My friend Patrice Kamins, Meta-Astrologer, made this video called “What is Astrology?” It’s cosmic, psychedelic, and down-to-earth all at once. This Cap Sun with a Sag Rising and Scorpio Moon loves it! 

Patrice’s reading for January begins:

We can all get on with our lives in an adult fashion now that the disaster or esctasy fetish of 2012 has passed.  On day one of 2013, we hear news of how the New Year will unfold when Mercury travels on the World Axis at 0 Capricorn.  He joins the Sun who is already firmly esconced in the sign of maturity, materialization, mastery . . .

Read the rest on BellaLife.

imgresPatrice also has a site where you can find out more about her, her work, see more videos, and check out more of her writing!


  1. Just the first part of her Reading has me loving her work. Thanks for this, Holly!


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