Are you really “just” fine?

I came across this TED Talk today by Mel Robbins called How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over. Mel Robbins is right on about getting what you want.

Paraphrasing Mel:

When you feel stuck or dissatisfied in your life it’s a signal that a basic need is not being met. That need? EXPLORATION

Anything that’s a break from your routine is going to require force.

Force yourself:
Out of your head
Past your feelings
Outside your comfort zone.

We are creative beings. Mel Robbins is right – it’s not that we don’t have ideas, it’s that we don’t act on them.

What do you want? What are you willing to do to get it?

Remember: You are fabulous!

  1. It’s not that I don’t agree with the basic message, but halfway in I was still waiting for her miraculous “simple” solution. I guess in part, I’m too much of a fan of balance (and I also think most people are sleep deprived), so her “just do it” approach didn’t speak to me.

    I think perhaps the real difficulty isn’t even getting what you want, but knowing what you want. How many people really know that?


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