Be Unapologetic About What you Desire

Making music and reclaiming my power.

Rock ‘n’ roll makes everything better.

Music is the perfect meditation – it can only be done in the moment, the mind cannot wander, and it is a practice that is cumulative.

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Chelsey’s Back and The Girls are Alright

Friday Frolic  I hope you have all had a good week.  I am about to have an outdoor rehearsal with my all-women band – The Lofi Sofias. Mountain weather is unpredictable – today is breezy and chilly and the sky is grey with haze from the forest fires on the west coast. Hopefully we will […]

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May 2020 – Isolation Song 20 – Morning of my Life

Morning of my Life – Barry Gibb Paul and I learned another new (old) song. This one is early Bee Gees. really sweet. We hope you are doing great. Life is weird. I’m doing my best to embrace it. Sometimes it feels like we are “building castles on the shifting sands.” Foundations slipping away? After […]

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