Chelsey’s Back and The Girls are Alright

Friday Frolic 

I hope you have all had a good week. 

I am about to have an outdoor rehearsal with my all-women band – The Lofi Sofias. Mountain weather is unpredictable – today is breezy and chilly and the sky is grey with haze from the forest fires on the west coast. Hopefully we will be able to continue to rehearse into the coming months – making music with the Lofi Sofias is one of the things that is keeping me sane right now.

We get together and the playing is pretty relaxed. I’ll have an electric guitar next week – I’m looking forward to plugging in. Chelsey, our drummer, returned after a six-month absence due to Covid-19. We are happy she is back!!

Below is a sample of rehearsal with Chelsey’s return! 

And a small excerpt of Without a Radio – by Jessica Barnes.

Chelsey is also a kick-ass writer and editor. Check out her website

Have a great weekend!

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

11 thoughts on “Chelsey’s Back and The Girls are Alright

      1. Nodding very much yes. You were all SO spread apart, though with the solid mic work and the overall feel, you were all connected in an Outdoor Room. Distance went away. Connection was present. And, I could feel the wonderful getting up to speed towards sync. As the warm-up is rarely part of the performance, I felt like I was at an exclusive BBQ in kick-butt mountain setting. Very much good stuff.

        Cool to see you having fun. You;ve spoken of the Lori Sofias so much, and to finally get to see you all meshing back together. Thank you. From over here it felt like a natural family group, the chosen family kind. You could feel the drummer way off in the distance, which was cool as well. The “her coming back into the fold from faraway places” had sub-stories in itself. A little bit “Legends of the Fall where Tristan (Brad Pitt) goes off open epic adventures all over the world, and returns. Though, I’ll caveat with, I’ll stop that flash of resonance right there to keep the tragedy out of the blessing, and simply express the return home from faraway places. Big 🙂 s of Yes!


              1. El Capitan is a decent OS, but it’s behind these days. I just re-retired a 2008 Mac Pro running El Capitan. I was having all kinds of problems with WordPress in the most recent Safari, but that newer computer went down, so I had to start using that 2008 Mac Pro again. Low and behold all the WP problems went away in the older version of Safari running El Capitan. Go figure.

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                1. My computer is still working well – though every now and then I can see signs of the video card beginning to crap out. I’m looking at new computers – it will probably take me anywhere between 6 months and two years to take action on the possibility of a new computer. Instead, I bought a Telecaster! I want to get a Voxx AC30. You know! Priorities!

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