What’s Happening to the Happening?

Where did the September 2020 Happenings go?

Hi friends!

I have not created the September 2020 Happenings this month yet. I still may yet, but I may not.

I realize I need to pull back my output a little bit in order to laser focus on some creative projects that have been gaining momentum in recent weeks/months. It seems like a flood of activity is swirling, and I have a list of projects all on the edge of my grasp. I am having to pick and choose what to put my energy toward.

This month I am letting go of Co-Creating the Cosmos for September – and I may pick it back up in October, or in 2021 once ALL the planets go direct. Despite the break from teaching astrology and moon magic, I am continuing my studies (I’ve been studying for 25 years). I am taking a course with Rick Levine through Astrology Hub beginning in October sort of as a substitute for the Breitenbush retreat I planned to attend (but was canceled) in July this year.

I am in the process of expanding Writing the Energetic Body and am working on ways to make that course easy to access and use. As the weather begins to get colder and being outside is less of an option – production for Writing the Energetic Body will begin for a 2021 release. 

The Lofi Sofias is in the middle of recording an album. Jessica Barnes and I are also progressively adding new songs to our collection of originals. It has been challenging doing this work, as we are all at different rates of comfort being indoors together. Jessica is part of my pandemic pod while the other members have their own pods with other families who have small children, etc. While I have been a vocalist my entire life (first band at 15), I only picked up guitar last October. I’m constantly learning – some weeks I have leaps, other weeks it feels like regression. Trust! All the work is good for the brain.

Practice with my band is likely to slow down as it gets cold. Hopefully, the album will progress, and Jessica and I will continue to meet and create.

Hopefully Paul and I will continue making music more often – we have a list of about 200 songs to learn – including originals. The Conduits is ever-evolving and I am a little less involved than I was with that project (partly due to the pandemic, and partly due to my energy for the project). Occasionally we will do porch-jams with friends – but – I am not fond of jamming all that much. My Capricorn / Scorpio nature prefers disciplined structure. The Sagittarius side of me likes the adventure if I know all the musicians around me are playing for the higher good of the project and have done the work to make it so – otherwise – it’s not so fun. Since I am now joining in on guitar, I am learning – so that is good. The jamming is sometimes fun, but not as a performance.  For me, watching people jam is usually boring as hell, and I loathe to put others through it.

Generally, it feels to me like I am about to make a pivot. So many things that I was focused on and interested in suddenly feel like they need re-evaluation:

  • Do I want to keep living in Flagstaff? And, if I stay, where do I move to once I move out of this house? (Yesterday, I went downtown again – and I felt like a stranger. While everyone is isolating, apartment complexes are popping up everywhere, and the median home price is about $450K, and the groovy small town warmth is fading . . . I’m starting to feel like I need to either move to a stimulating city that has a lot happening, or a smaller village that has a lot happening – not a once-cute town that’s turning into Phoenician sprawl).
  • Where is my teaching going?
  • When will I be able to teach my classes and workshops live again?
  • When and how will I be able to perform again?
  • Can I move my studio from the garage to inside the house (if I stay in the house)?
  • Do I buy video equipment or just upgrade my phone?
  • What do I want my future to look like? Is the vision changing?
  • What do I want my daily routine to look like? (a Virgo question for sure) How do I sustain my health and my joy?

There is the huge feeling of not knowing – and I keep teaching the embrace of the unknown. I am right there, wa(l)king through a corridor of unknowns. I am not even sure of the future I was envisioning for myself, the vision seems to be changing as well. Do I want to shore it up or tear it down? Does it have to dr(e)amatic – or can I make small tweaks?

Of course, too, from the astrological perspective, as a Capricorn Sun and Mercury, my identity and thought processes have been going through massive change. And this transformation is going to continue over the next few years. (Does it ever really stop? Though, a Pluto transit is extra-intense). The gift is I can envision the change I would like (usually) – and be open to something better than I can imagine. (The trick is to allow that something better to continue expanding. I confess, not always easy – but – I am willing to keep on leaning toward something better. It really does make for some great adventures at the very least).

One tiny vision is all that is needed. And the smallest focus can yield great results over time. 

Something to keep in mind as we have the Virgo New Moon on Thursday, September 17. The Moon and Sun will be at 25º Virgo forming a trine to Saturn at 25º Capricorn. Focus will yield results. This is a lot of earth energy moving toward manifestation. I invite you to do a ritual at the New Moon or shortly afterward. Follow up on the autumnal equinox with any details you may have missed. Then, pay attention to what unfolds over the next month, 90 days, 6 months, and 9 months.

I would love to hear what you are intending! Or if you are listening to your dreams or whispers in the wind as you embrace this time of not knowing. 

Peace, love, and beauty,


Edit: 12:23 pm September 14, 2020 –  After I posted this, I listened to Anne Ortelee’s podcast the Weekly Weather – and it is completely in line with this post! If you are curious about the astrological weather – check out Anne’s podcast.

September 14, 2020
Flagstaff, AZ

It’s change that’s happening.

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

6 thoughts on “What’s Happening to the Happening?

  1. I am so glad – l”iver tettins all good, heart, lungs, etc… healthy immune system. The only thing differernt Jordan is that your Lymes antibodies are actually almost gone. Haven;t seen that often and certainly not so quickly. You’ve got some vigilantes on your clean-up crew in there.”

    Pretty amazing about the lyme’s Disease. I am so glad it’s cleaning up. Yes, ticks are much more rare here than in NJ/NY State. I am awaiting some of my blood work now – the focus is on my thyroid – as we have been watching it over the last 5 or 6 years – trying to avoid medicating it. It may be time though – as each day passes I become more tired. It may also be just overwhelm at the insanity of not only Covid, but our country and the “leadership” and this slip into something so weird. I must step away from the news! I have to say, though, young Claudia Conway’s tik tok is fascinating. Still . . . enough. Bullshit is obvious and I know who I am voting for – so – do I really need to continue watching the train wreck?

    So grateful you have a strong immune system.

    So, I know your website has loads of updates – going to comb through that.

    And pivot we go!!

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    1. 🙂 Best energies to your thyroid being able to be regulated without medication. I’m feeling shades of COvid Fatigue. Even though I’m aware of it, I’m simply downshifting to gear into the right pace. It feels very much to align with one of the octaves of XV The Devil and intensities, and that depletion indicates mis-spent efforts — I smile… I learned that last night… wait for it… from my own Imagination Primer book in the boxed set you ordered. 🙂 I’m listening to the teachings of Me, teaching me Now. It does give me a great laugh, and at the same time, my work is solidly sprouting back up naturalizing in my own garden. Not like I haven’t been productive since late February, though it’s the longer form projects that I’m inventorying to begin to get warmed up one by one. SO many of them. It’s a great problem to have. And, then new work intersperses between.

      Thanks on the strong immune system. Astrologically, this month may provide some tests of my metal… which I will certainly meddle in with my inner vigilante immune system. I’ll just call it Systemic High Noon, and there are multiple sheriff’s in town… and, as well not have any hubris about it, just keep Knight, Queen, and King of Swords aware of it to inform my VII Chariot harnessing of the intensities. The kind of do what I can, and don’t allow any minor depletion’s to settle in and rot to bigger. I’ll have the XIII Death Toto-tiller on the ready to churn up and re-amend the soil as required. My Tower in the 4 Queens section Of my recent reading I’ve been working with for a couple of weeks, just laid out the Cards for the Q1 Q2 Q3 QA4 Queens card section on the Quaternal Journey to Your Emperor Spread. XVI The Tower in the Q of Wands Q3 position… it feels that the World Altering quality is more aligned with a Quinta Regeliera World Altering feel. Rather than toppling towers, it’s more a going deep into the inverted Tarot Temple to the Well deep within, literally and looking up with Crown Chakra as cloister Open to the sky — like at the Cloister in Mont St. Michel in France. Memories of that Cloister Experience opening back up to the sky in the upper garden After being compressed through the journey up through the cobbled streets within have been strong lately. Mont St. Michel has become quite the Inner State Highway journey recently.

      So, I’m digging the Tower in Q3 (end of financial Q3 as well, as Q4 is O The Fool.
      Q1 Ace of Pentacles (Placemaker) for the Q of Pents position
      Q2 2 of Cups (DNA of emotional connection from the start) for the Q3 Q of Cups position
      Q3 XVI The Tower (World Altering being World Altering… things not falling apart, more falling in place for the 1st time in ways I’m simply not accustomed to) in the Q3 Q of Wands position
      Q4 O (Unsquared circle of potential not zero to me) The Fool is speaking Golden SPlendor of connections through the rest of the cards, especially as related to Q1-Q4 being how the Q’s support The Empress, and also that it’s the last card to segue way to…..

      Exciting stuff.

      Keep me posted on the rockin’ solutions that arise from your bloodwork. 🙂

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    2. Oh, and yes on the news. I decided to World Altar it about 6 weeks ago. Rather than turn it off, I added in BBC Sky at Night News, a channel on The Moon, Astronomy stuff, misc others, and Nobel and National Geographic. WORLD, SOLAR SYSTEM, UNIVERSE Nature Kind of stuff… created my own News Feed for GOOD rather than sifting through the chaff just getting poked by all the needles no one else found in the haystack. Just called a stop to the superficiality and politics stuff. I know my vote, too, immutably. It’s like my own Disney Channel for coolio news, AND I click into it when I WANT to see something new rather than standing in its sensory overload waterfall speeding by.

      Heck, I learned yesterday I’ve been wrong about how I refer to the Blue Moon. It’s not 2 Full Moons in a month, but 4 Full Moons in a season. That of course means a month will have two, though if one of the others has none, it’s still only 3 per season. Anyway, you might have already been aware of that. It was a cool tidbit to update my Astro Toolbox.

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  2. Jordan,

    Wow – thank you for such a rich response. I appreciate your sharing your process – it just lights me up.

    Yes, “Where do you resonate? Where do you want to resonate?” Those questions are huge.

    Yesterday, I rocked out on my electric guitar for the first time with Jessica, one of my bandmates with the lofi sofias. It was so much fun and so empowering. And there is so much work to do because I am really just a beginner at guitar. And it’s ok. And, this big swing of not-knowing is where things are. Continually trying to look toward love and what resonates. Sitting with it. Reviewing. Taking steps.

    I was hit with some earth shattering news from my sister on Monday evening – was kind of a one-two punch. First, my aunt who takes care of my Mother had a heart attack. She has been in the hospital since Sunday and will hopefully come home tomorrow. The other is a secret one of my family members has been holding for a long time. Anyway – both took my breath away, and of course, a bit of energy. The decision to take a break came at the perfect time on so many levels.

    Thank you again, Jordan. You inspire me. Your words, your story, resonates.

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    1. You’re welcome, Holly. Your post tapped a sanctuary built by the questions I’ve been steeping in and with, and it always seems to open up new perspectives within to share out loud, like poetry editing by rolling it around in your mouth in the spoken word for the feel of the rhythm and cadence of the voice and how the gesture of expression’s identity presents.

      I neglected to mention, I hear you on a town’s character going ghost-town on you by growth and decay of character towards mainstream averages of the average. There’s sadness and grief and and and…when you feel a stranger in your own community and it’s not a projection… is simply passed a fork in the road so to speak. The “Phoenician sprawl” spoke volumes. I remember feeling that in Denver in 2009 when I returned home from Readers Studio ’09 in NYC. While I was there I was invited to drive down to Santa Fe and speak to the Santa Fe Tarot Tribe about my deck and process. I was there for a weekend, and several serendipity confluences just came together over the course of a Saturday afternoon to evening. I had little architectural work at the time, all more geared to Tarot and Astrology/Archetypal Cosmology. I figured I would like the view staring out my window in Santa Fe more than in Denver working to re-up my self-support and transition to Tarot/Astrology full time.

      6 weeks later I half-moved to a Casita in Santa Fe I found that Saturday afternoon, and just drove back to Denver round trip style every other week to have architectural/engineering meetings. Kept a house in both places for 6 months, and then dumped the Denver home office when I finished the last project I had there. It was less expensive to keep a $600/month home-office flat in Denver than it was to rent a hotel for 3 days twice a month. I don’t have the same considerations now, though frankly all the honking and sirens and and in concrete/asphalt land are just becoming alien. The Land. That’s what keeps coming to me, I miss living on or being near The Land in the Southwest. Also, not so many ticks there, and I got Lymes 4 years ago recently discovered that Covid Toes present as Chilsbains, frostbite. I’ve had frostbite, and now I know why It felt so strange to have frostbite symptoms on my toes in early May, middle of June, and then again late July. It’s a healthy immune system’s response to Covid… and in the middle of February I was out for 3 days having to stay on my stomach to hang my lungs to just be able to get little puffs of air in. Not sure, though that might have been Covid. It was heartening to discover recently that the $360 of blood work I had done in February after that as it just felt like something was way off. All it said was, “liver tettins all good, heart, lungs, etc… healthy immune system. The only thing differernt Jordan is that your Lymes antibodies are actually almost gone. Haven;t seen that often and certainly not so quickly. You’ve got some vigilantes on your clean-up crew in there.”

      So, no fire under my rump about “life’s too short.” More what my website tagline says… “What are we going to do with all this future we have… Now?!” It feels as well for me to be a pivot as well. And, that pivot may be to dial in deeper and more densely… knock off some more of Michelangelo’s marble to further liberate the David of me so to speak.

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  3. I hear your heartfelt existential, refreshing that rather than existential angst, there feels to be a conscientiousness to the not-knowing where forgetting is for getting? Makes more room for the (new) good stuff.

    I’m feeling a bit like a shark that is slowly turning its stomach inside out to empty and resume with the new, and at the same time developing treasures being inspired by my old work, especially the unfinished gigs. I did a search through my email which I have a habit of setting up Draft Book/Project: (insert title/idea). My eyebrows went up. It was a pleasant surprise to stop counting at 250+ “post-it notes to Self” as I call them. And, then remember that’s not the only title I titled draft notes of potential works, and smiled in flow to ebb back and steep in… over 500. It’s not a bragging thing, simply that I realized the one thing I never stopped regardless was road mapping in a Life Mapping way.

    It feels like I have a year self-imposed deadline to move from the East Coast back to somewhere… and then my head cocks to the side and, ‘No, that’s not it. Where do you resonate? Where do you want to resonate? Do I dial more into Archetypal Cosmology as that is how the alchemy of my Tarot and Astrology and Architecture works. The sacred geometry of a Psycho-Spiritual Experience has always been a component of my Architecture since I started at 14, had two houses built at 16. And, all those aspects as components feel small now, are rounding up almost marshaling their forces as if without thought or will as I listen, and nudge, and ask myself questions that build sanctuaries of both Psychosynthesis/individuation milestone moments of now, and also feel to simply be the most important Self-Gardening Soul Gardener AS vocation that self-supports me I’ve ever been in to date.

    I feel Covid Blessings of this at one and the same time active introspection that is actionable where even my stubborn self sees the stubborn, and respects it as part of me. Zero shame. Plussing the stubborn even. I found respect for it as both a tethering anchor and living cornerstone to brace against, like Kali does dancing on the so Super Calm He Deserves a Cape Shiva’s chest. His calmness to her intense output provides her a cornerstone to brace against so she loses not one iota of power from slippage or peeling out and scratching the tires as she moves. She just moves, full. 100% uncut identity incarnate. Do I want to dial into my own intensity that purely? Hmmm. Not sure. Though, the exploration of the question is opening up places within that contribute to what I am already doing with fresh new perspectives. And, it would be beyond remiss if I did not begin to plan with them, something I am loathe to do in the past as action and site reading the track was the M.O. of my The Fool Steps. That doesn’t resonate with my levels of acceptable risk anymore.

    Past my Chiron Return, and I cherish that my Chiron Return came at the end of my self-imposed 5-year Tarot/Astrology radio silence, I was in Brainspotting intensely, and I listened to and worked with it.

    Now…. Now I can only write the ellipses of … … … Something is very much coming full circle carried to full term, and it feels like planning its birth and naming in the living of it. And amplifying it. And cherishing and homing it. And I wonderfully don’t know what is, and that’s my Pluto~Pallas-Athena~Uranus 8th House conjunct in Virgo with Jupiter near enough the 7th H/8th H cusp that Placidus puts it in the 7th and Koch places it in the 8th. That triple crown team of The Transformer (Pluto) with The Ultimate Strategist (Pallas-Athena) and The Shaker-Upper (Uranus) feels… it feels like I’ve grown or grown up to a place where I dial into them as allies as I round around the Counsel of my Chart to see how I will both utilize it and transcend it. Oh, did I mention that a year feels too long? Lol, that’s my 1st H Mars revving the engine. For now, I have the clutch in in regards to the big picture… as it feels I am no longer neutral within, or in an internal Civil War… and the time has come… soon…

    I appreciate the question, and will pause there in respect of the gestation I steep in. All I now is that no jumping off cliffs to get a better deal on a parachute on the way down so to speak this time.

    “May the ground always rise up to support your every step.” ~ Irish Proverb … to which I would add, especially when there was no ground there when you started the step, just knew at the level of The Must.

    I guess taking care is the mantra of self-support I am undergoing. And, I as well am dialing up and down my blogging to synchronize with my energy levels and focus rather than indenturing myself to a 7-day pattern. That just feels rigid now. Serendipity Itineraries is a great cornerstone. I like having that as my point of reference on my radar as I track forward…

    Just some more … … … and then a couple more … … I like not having the answer yet, that the reasons are allowed to be wholly unreasonable in that Mark Twain way of, “Of course truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” Enjoying discovering where I don’t make sense, and working with that for a change.


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