Tag: kundalini

Grounding Love, Expanding Time

Red Earth Blue Sky. View from the bottom of the cave we visited during Muladhara Day. Photo originally posted on Instagram.


Crown Openings

I feel like I could do this every hour today. Mind and heart - open, open, open. (trying) This is one of my videos for opening the crown chakra from Writing the Energetic Body. I'm just starting to get warmed up.

Unbleached mottled memory

Growing up, I felt like a boy. When I discovered David Bowie, something beyond gender stirred in me. He cracked open a snake egg in my spine and my nervous system squirmed. His voice took me out of my body and put me in the stars.


Blowing My Body, Blowing My Mind

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Yes! My kundalini is twisting and shaking and squirming all over the place. Music makes me live! All the art, the yoga, the writing, the hiking, the biking I have experienced in my life—none of it compares to the ecstasy of music.