Born on a Thursday #39 – Sometimes What You Want is What You Need

The wheels are in motion. The vision was cast. My world is spinning and I am trusting that it is part of an evolutionary process. My ideas about my role in personal and professional relationships, and (mutual) respect are being challenged.

I am uncomfortable.

Image: The Tower from the Moon Garden Tarot deck

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Gimme More Want it Back

Amanda Palmer is one of the most exciting, raw, inventive, inspiring artists around right now. I love reading about her visionary bursts and excursions, and her challenges in finding balance between love (she’s married to one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman), the compulsion to create, and everything in-between.

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I almost got what I wanted . . . (free-write)

Sometimes I feel like really leaving – like going to India or Spain or Brazil or Greece – just going and not coming back, not to this country. Sometimes I feel like an ex-pat and I haven’t even left. Must have been my stint in Corporate America – if that is the America most people experience, oooh, give me a barista job any day. Talk to artists and writers all day, and then go be one myself.

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Thanks for nothing!

Best of all, when I ask my husband, “What are you thinking?” and his reply is, “Nothing!”— I have to smile. We are on the same wavelength at last! Yes, I have to confess, nothing has saved my marriage.

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dead man dreaming

You’ve got to look at things in a new way. You have got to do whatever it takes to change your perspective or you’re going to stay stuck . . . left sitting on the fence obscured by mist while the horses run free and leave you behind.

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disturbed (fragment)

It disturbs me even thinking about it. I don’t embarrass easily, but this was such a disaster. The sound of one hand clapping.

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