Howdy from Flagstaff 03/02/2008

Howdy Y’all!

I hope everybody is doing well. Winter can be a tough time for a lot of us, but it’s almost over! We’ve had snowstorms here in Flagstaff just about every week since mid-December. Last storm dumped about 18 inches, but this past week has been nice–in the upper 50s lower 60s, so most of the snow is gone now. I just started taking evening walks again on Friday. Just in time, too–I was starting to get sort of blue. Yesterday was great, I found a fallen tree in the woods and laid down on it looking at the sky and listening to the snow melt. So peaceful!

Last weekend, my friend Meg came from Pennsylvania to visit. It was really cool to see her–I hadn’t seen her since last winter. She was expecting Arizona weather, but when she came up here she got two days of snowstorm. Luckily, she got to spend the rest of the week in Phoenix. On Saturday, we drove down to Sedona, where it was much warmer, and went hiking. It was beautiful–all red rocks and cacti and water from the melting snow. We met up with my boss Sandra, at her house, which was also gorgeous. Very southwestern, Spanish-style adobe with decks and patios. We met Sandra’s ex-husband Rex, too. We ended up hiking for about 5 hours. I am still amazed that I live out here–there is limitless beauty everywhere.

Saturday night Meg and I went to dinner at this Indian Restaurant and I think we were there for about three hours. Meg had to explain to the waitress that we hadn’t been waited on after we were sitting there for a long time. Things are slower in Flagstaff, but this was verging on ridiculous! Sunday we went to a Southwestern American Mexican place called Martann’s for brunch–I’d never been there before. There were Day of the Dead style paintings everywhere–I love that stuff and haven’t seen much of it in Flag. Our waitress could have been working in the East Village. Brunch with Sass! Makes it taste better that way!

I will send pics of my adventures soon!

A couple of weeks before that i was pretty sick with a flu or something. The local news called the sickness an epidemic at NAU. I ran out of Camu and the next thing I knew I was sick in bed with a fever for 5 days. And it took about another week to feel normal. I need to be in Tucson or someplace warmer in the winter–anybody wanna throw money my way so I can chase the sun?

I filed for divorce. I finally figured out that I can file from Arizona since I’m a citizen here, rather than NY. I also figured out that as an Arizona citizen I didn’t have to wait a year to file! Ah well, a year has passed. In a little more than a month I shall have the divorce decree. I am grateful I don’t have to come back to NY to file–and it’s a lot cheaper to file from here than there.

I’m winding down–the weekend is coming to an end and I’m gearing up for a busy week. Tomorrow I am meeting up with the director of Mountain Waves Healing Arts Center to discuss yoga teaching, my writing workshop, and reiki. I’m really excited! I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, but I will write how that goes. On Tuesday, I do my taxes, Wednesday, physical and Thursday, chiropractor. Friday I have no appointments, unless i get my hair cut. All of my appointments happen in he middle of the day, too, something I never could have done without having high anxiety at MAcquarie. Good stuff is happening at work, too, more of which I will write about later.

Another poem is up for publication. I went out to the mailbox and found a self-addressed envelope and I thought, “Ah, probably a rejection letter. My goal this year is to get more rejection letters–means I’m actually sending my work out.” i opened it up and HURRAY! I should be receiving copies of the journal soon. The journal is called Earth’s Daughters and the issue is called Fragments.

Today I had a meeting with my knitting gals. I haven’t knit since Xmas, so it was good to get my knit on. I knit a perfect square today–some of us are making a baby blanket for one of Steph’s student workers. I missed hanging with the gals–we just got busy with other stuff. We’re planning a weekend hiking trip to Grand Gulch, Utah, in late April. It’s so good to be getting active again!

Well, that’s about all that’s happening right now. Anthony and Stephanie are doing great. Anthony’s shop moved to a bigger location and Steph is doing tons of graphic design work. I’ll be setting up my website soon. Lots of things on the horizon!

AS always, I love to hear from you, so don’t be shy!



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