11 Object Subjects: Queens afternoon with Anavie and Chris in 2002

11 Object Subjects

1. Poland Spring Milk Jug
I never thought I’d buy my water
in a milk jug

2. Papaya Pre-cut
Moisture settles on thick orange flesh
tinged with scarlet —
I was afraid to eat it.

3. Red Boy on the Wall
Are you the fly? Will you be the fly?
Can you fly? You look like you might fly.
Don’t worry, little guy.

4. Rosemary Bread
Thin smell of thick dough cuts
through chirping birds, thunderous trains, breaking
glass, a child’s voice – bread’s silence is heavy.

5. Light Switch String
Spanish Moss of Queens
you. Pull-switch over the dining table,
what memories stain your length?

6. TV
Imitation hovers in your electrical space.
The masses want to be what you (re)present
but now, you only reflect the couch.

7. Candle
Jar of wax – oh, fuck man!
Black wick burnt
and Brad Pitt’s on heroin.

8. Easel
If I had an easel I’d prop a book on it
and use my clean white wall to paint
on instead.

9. Light over My Shoulder
Invisible doctors dissecting my left shoulder:
I can feel you digging in,
but you think I can’t.

10. Glass
No water left.
I need more –
at least a gallon’s worth.

11. Cow Clock Beheaded
Cow Clock has no more head.
Must have mooed too loudly
one early morning.

© Holly Troy May 16, 2002

Exercise: Write three lines in one minute about objects in your surroundings.