Om – Responsibility is Sacred

Sharon is one of my early teachers. I remember, as a gift to myself, going to Jivamukti in New York City almost everyday for 6 months. That was an amazing time – I learned so much, and I felt incredibly good. 16 years later and I am grateful that my early teachers were so intense, especially with pranayama and philosophy.

Sometimes our actions feel like a drop in an endless ocean – but yoga has helped me feel like those little drops do make a difference. That being said, I have so much to learn and to practice – and it is worth it.

  1. I saw her and that guy on that movie, Enlighten Up!, and I thought they both seemed pretty interesting. Love that photo of them. 🙂


    1. Enlighten Up!? I’ll have to check that movie out. Her partner’s name is David Life – my experience of the two of them has been very positive. Now that I live in a small town and no longer in NYC, I can see how their ideas and lifestyle can seem pretty radical to people.


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