A reminder that living in Truth is our personal responsibility — down to being honest about choosing beliefs that create happiness.

    Simple, but not always easy!

    Thanks for the reminder, Truth Warrior.

    The Truth Warrior

    What is truth?

    Well there is absolute truth and relative truth. Absolute truth is the one truth however relative truth is always relative to something else. For example that which is good is relative to bad.

    Is the truth making you happy?

    How many of us see what we see and believe it to be the truth?

    If you had a choice to believe something that is the truth which makes you unhappy or believe something that is made up and makes you happy, which one would you choose?

    Happiness is a by product of us choosing beliefs which serve us in making us happy. It really is the land of make believe….

    Is what you are believing in your life creating happiness, peace and joy in your life?

    Many different events, things, situations happen outside of us in which we have no control over them.

    We cannot control…

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    I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

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