Pennies from Heaven

As I’ve been making videos for my current workshop, Writing the Energetic Body, I came across a “First Chakra Healing Tip” video by Vicki Howie of Chakra Boosters.

I thought this was optimistic and clever – so I am sharing.

  1. Oh, my Goddess! I LOVE Chakra Boosters!! It is one of my favorite pages on Facebook (and this from someone who only recently began to like [no pun intended] using Facebook). Personally, I would not be surprised to find coins on the ground, because I find them all the time. And here is something I learned from the Romani (more commonly, albeit incorrectly, referred to as Gypsies). The next time you see a coin on the ground, pick it up, and as you do so say, “Money on the floor, money at my door.” It works! All the time! Thank you, again, Holly, for this reposting/sharing.



    1. I thought you’d enjoy this! When I saw it I thought, AHA! This is GREAt!



      1. Oh, yes, absolutely! It was a lovely surprise. And I so look forward to learning more about the Living Goddess behind Chakra Boosters.



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