issues of money, part ii by Robert Alvarez

My sister and I were just discussing places that expect you to give your classes and workshops away for free in exchange for the sheer joy and privilege of doing the work (oh, and the powerful publicity of the event in their venue!) right before I read this blog piece by Robert Alvarez.

When doing energetic work – or teaching yoga – or playing music, making art, writing, or creative work or service, it can feel weird at first charging a fee – afterall, the client isn’t buying a “product”. However, your time, experience, and wisdom does have value – and if you don’t value your own work, then who will?

Affirmation: I value my life, and it shows.

This Is Who I AM

Good morning, dear blog readers, and a Happy Tuesday and Day of Mars (Day of Taking Decisive Action) to all of you!

Recently, I stated that a lot of the challenges that many of us began experiencing on Sunday, May 20, 2012 (the date that both the Sun and Moon entered Gemini [Sign of Communication], as well as the date of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini) would begin to dissolve as of yesterday, Monday, June 4, 2012.  The date of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Sign of Mysticism.

Well, I can honestly say that is the case for me.  First, I met with a lovely lady about giving Readings at a Psychic Fair before the end of the month, and she was quite pleased with how I conduct Readings, especially Goddess Readings.  In addition, I received a check that I thought for certain I was not going to receive until either…

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