Surviving America: The Americanist – Henry Rollins

My friend Patrick sent this video, The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever, by Henry Rollins from Big Think to me. I don’t agree with everything Rollins says, but, his story and philosophy are timely for me right now—I have a feeling it might be for a lot of folks.

“Application, discipline, focus, repetition . . .” I am entering a phase of this type of focus. I might add that it begins with “desire”. Once the desire is recognized, the rest is a whole lot easier (otherwise it’s can be a spastic go-round and round on the hamster wheel of life).

And so of course, I had to watch more Rollins . . .

Message to all persons, young and old.

Ok – now to my own work. Thanks for the reminder Henry!

“Application, discipline, focus, repetition . . .”

Henry Rollins – photographer unknown