Henry Rollins Humor

A few weeks back, I posted some videos of Henry Rollins. He is a very serious guy.

“My Talking Henry Rollins!” doll by Down the Show is a beautiful contrast to Rollins’ stern personality.

Original post via Dangerous Minds.

Henry Rollins - photographer unknown
Henry Rollins – photographer unknown

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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

2 thoughts on “Henry Rollins Humor

    1. Someone sent me this quote by Henry – which I think is pretty cool:

      Henry Rollins comments on The Steubenville Rape Verdict… “Put women’s studies in high school–the curriculum from war heroes to politicians, writers, speakers, activists, revolutionaries and let young people understand that women have been kicking ass in high threat conditions for ages and they are worthy of respect. Total sex ed in school. Learn how it all works. Learn what the definition of statutory rape is and that it is rape, that date rape is rape, that rape is rape.”


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