Writing Prompt 41 – Just say “Yes”


“And sleeping is a gateway drug
To being awake
. . .”

~ They Might Be Giants

On Writing

Breathe the sentence in. Exhale the sentence. Inhale and exhale each word. Now inhale and exhale the sentence. Then, go!

There is only one rule, keep your hand moving.

Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. If you feel stuck, keep writing anyway. Try going back to the prompt and write it out until other words arise, then write those—or, repeat the last word you wrote again and again until new words appear—or, write, “I am stuck,” or “I can’t think of anything,” as long as you keep your hand moving. Writing is physical, the words will move through your body and come out of your hand—just keep it moving.

Now go – for five, ten, fifteen minutes . .  

(when you are done, feel free to share your work in the comments – or share on your own blog)

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

19 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 41 – Just say “Yes”

        1. I read a book a long while back where a Westerner stayed with a tribe in Polynesia. At night, everyone in the group slept in the same hut – making sure that each person was linked together through touch – so that everyone was connected – kind of like electrical current. that way, they believed, all of their dreams would merge into a complete story for the people. In the morning, they would share their dreams and decide what kind of actions, if any, needed to be taken based on their dreaming. The author said his dreams were affected – but I don’t remember what he dreamed about. There was some significance with plants, and maybe, too, the people knew when a tidal wave was coming. Pretty wile stuff.

          I remember when I read that book, I had a dream about a tidal wave in New York. I told my mother about the dream and she said – did you hear about the tidal wave in Thailand? That’s the one that killed over 200,000 people. The travel agent I worked with at the investment back was there – he lost his partner!

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          1. It’s interesting what happens in dreams. I rembmer the tidal wave, back in 2004. I helped a friend produce a CD about the tragedy to help raise money for the victims. The night my bosses wife died of cancer, woke up at the time she died and knew she had passed. For a long time after than she would appear in my dreams and tell me everything was all right. We worked closely together over the years and we both had an affinity for cats. My dad still visits me in dreams sometimes. We are doing things together, and it’s strange because I know he’s dead, but there we are doing things together.

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            1. Amazing. It’s wonderful that your boss’s wife visited you for a while – and that your dad still does.

              Sometimes I see my grandparents and my sister, it’s usually for a short visit. Usually I remember they are dead while I am dreaming, too. Then I wonder, what are they telling me?

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              1. I think most of the time they are just passing through. We seem to have ghosts that drop by every so often. Sometimes they steal things, other times they make their presence known to the cats, other times we hear them or smell them, but we never see them. It gets kind of erie when the cats watch them.

                Actually, early in the morning of the day Spunk disappeared, we were awakened by a really loud noise in another part of the house that sounded like a jet. It would go on then off. I stumbled out to find the noise with Laurie behind me, but it stopped again. We looked to see what it might be but couldn’t figure it out. We were getting ready to go back to bed when it started again. It was our 3.5 HP blender, which is terribly loud with nothing in it. Something was turning it on and off. Really too weird. It’s covered with a plastic bag and the switch had to be flipped up to turn in on. The switch was up, so I turned it off and unplugged it. Then Spunk disappeared in the early afternoon.

                A week and a half after Spunk disappeared, a box turtle I had pulled of the road before it got ran over and let it go on our property appeared. It had been over a year since I’d seen the turtle. I felt it was telling me that Spunk would come back home.

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                1. He could have fallen into a wormhole with the many things that have fallen to the ground on our property that I saw exactly were they landed and when I went to pick them up they weren’t there. I searched all around the area, and never found them. Two different pair of glasses were among the things that fell into wormholes. They slipped off my face, I saw them hit the ground and then they were gone. They were expensive too. One time several of us were practicing archery. One of my daughter’s friends pulled off the glove I lent her and she accidentally dropped in on the ground. We saw it fall, but it disappeared. We all searched for it but never found it. Our friends were really freaked out over that incident.

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                2. oh man. It really does sound like you are on a wormhole. Your things showing up in a parallel universe or something. Maybe transmuted into something else completely.

                  The earth is hungry.

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                3. When covid cooties are under control, and you can make your trip to Albuquerque, we’ll have to do it. My friend Ron, who plays bass, would be into freaking. I recorded a song inspired by Resa called “Freaking on the Food Chain”.

                  Speaking of Resa, I’ve been encouraging her to record her self singing. She sent me a recording of White Rabbit in a cappella. I hadn’t had a chance to listen to it, but I sent her the link to your practice session. When I got home and listened to her version, it wasn’t have bad, so I mixed into the original music, cut her track up so the timing was right, added a little echo to her vocals, and voila it sounded reasonably good. I sent her the recording and she got pretty psyched how it worked out knowing she could do much better. Resa’s partner is a guitarist and song writer who is currently playing with Vanilla Fudge, so Resa is very self conscious about her voice from being around professional singers and musicians.

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