Moving out of T-Town and a Solar Eclipse

I’ve been packing up my art studio today—preparing to move out of Tucson. I’ll be in Flagstaff for part of the summer, a week or two in NY in August, and then, I’m moving to Phoenix.

I’m a little more stressed out than I would prefer to be! This last year has been so strange—and not in a good way. I need the strangeness to ease up. (I know, I live in Arizona, even this last year in politics has been gonzo whacky.)

I am going to take my own advice and relax a bit today. Last night I made a video with instructions for Savasana (Corpse Pose) for my Writing the Energetic Body participants. We are at the Crown Chakra. (Actually, tomorrow is the last day of the workshop – next workshop I do we’ll start with the Crown and work out way down).

I am also going to do some moon magic – a little letting go, a little intention setting, and a little gratitude. Of course, it’s good to take stock on a regular basis—and have some gratitude everyday—but today is especially big. (My friend Robert Alvarez created a lovely post regarding the moon and the power of “no” just this morning. Check Robert’s post out).

A solar eclipse is happening. In a few minutes I’m going to gather my loved ones and we are going to the Science Center at the University of Arizona and will watch the eclipse through a Solar Telescope! It’s been a long time since I was able to watch an eclipse. I’m very excited.

Well, relaxing is going to happen soon. For now, I’m off to look at the sky!

Super Moon over Tucson.