Who Are You Today?

My friend Robert offers up a worthwhile challenge . . . check out his post!


This Is Who I AM

This week, I have received several lovely Emails from several lovely individuals.  What I have noticed is that, in most of said Emails, there were statements the senders made that do not correspond to my experiences of them.

Of all of them, I only know two of them for several years, so I felt more comfortable commenting on what they wrote.  In both instances, they were surprised to see that they still thought of themselves a certain way.

Recently, I sent a “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives” Email about Jupiter’s Transit in Gemini.  One of the things I wrote was that, with this Astrological Marriage of expansion (Jupiter) and communication (Gemini), people would need to “step up their game” regarding being in communication to and with others, especially in the areas of Money and Prosperity.

However, Gemini is also the Sign of the Intellect and the Mind.  How do…

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  1. Once again, Holly, you honor me so greatly. And I love your opening comment; just the other day, I was thinking that I have never been able to resist a challenge. Call it whatever you will, but when someone says, “You can’t do that,” my immediate response–Body, Mind and Soul–is, “Oh, yeah? Watch me!” Ha, Ha!! Seriously, Holly, I love how the Divine just consumes me and then I write something like this, and I AM honored that it makes a difference in your life, as well as in the lives of those you serve.


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