Born on a Thursday #33: Happiest Halloween Ever!

I’m back! A day late, yes, but Halloween is like Christmas. A friend from out of town was visiting, a birthday party, costume production for myself and assisting my sweetheart, meeting new people, and, the MEAT PUPPETS!!

The Meat Puppets blew me away – perfectly psychedelic with a little country and punk rock thrown in (or maybe they were perfectly punk rock country with a little psychedelic thrown in – they were just WOW). I haven’t been so happy at a show in a long time! I could not have thought of better energy to bring into my life on Samhain. Yes.

I have never had so much fun getting ready for Halloween than I did this year. Turns out J is a blast to get dressed up with. Hurray! I was a Nature Nymph and J was Fidel Castro. Much running around was had finding the right materials for Castro’s beard.

Wow! What a great day. Tonight I’m going to make a list of the things I want to let go of – and what I want to bring into my life. A quiet evening for a change.

Tomorrow night is the Day if the Dead Procession, and Sunday is my workshop Going Deep ~ Sojourn at The Underworld. (I’m so excited, there is going to be a labyrinth, and a fire, and surprises!!)

nature nymph - holly troyOm Shanti!!

Happy Turning of the Wheel! Happy New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse (use the time wisely . . . )

Thanks for reading,