Twelve Days of Tarot – Day 8 – 12.20.2021

Five of Cups with Eight of Cups on the bottom of the Deck

December 20, 2021

There may be some emotional disruption today.

Five of Cups says acknowledge the sadness, frustration, the things falling apart, but also know not all is lost. Three of the cups are knocked down, which may feel like your emotional foundation is rattled, but there are two cups that are still standing, there is a way to finding equilibrium.

The figure is reminiscent of the Hermit. Take some time alone today.

List what it is you don’t want, don’t like, are unhappy about, want to let go of. Be exhaustive with it – all the things you want to be done with. Give the “don’t wants”, “tired ofs”, and “done withs” some voice. We tend to shove that shit down – which then constipates us! Or, the don’t wants become out shadow. The more we ignore, shame, belittle what we don’t want, the bigger it grows. 

And then there is the tricky thing – have you ever heard the phrase, “Having is evidence of wanting.” Yikes! I’m not talking childhood trauma, or racial inequality, or war, etc – I’m talking about our brains proving our beliefs and social conditioning right by giving us everything we believe and imagine for ourselves. This is why I’m saying go for it, what the freakin’ hell do you not want, clear it out.
(You can include the big things that I mentioned, too, start out with the personal stuff for you).

What’s the flip side? List what it is that is opposite of the things you are not having anymore. So make two columns.

Give thanks for the contrast. You are getting clarity.

8 of Cups takes you to a higher realm of emotion. Make a third column, and write out your “do want” possibilities as open ended statements like this:

Wouldn’t it be nice . . .
I would love to . . .
What if . . .
It would be really great to . . .

Let these statements open you up into the realm of intuition, dreams, and imagination. Yes, you are going on a journey alone and getting clarity about what works for YOU on a soul level. Let yourself be surprised – this is your life, your dream, you get to explore, you get to play.

What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel? Who are you with? Let your imagination be fun!

Let the divine come through as you push and pull with emotional opposites. Let your limitless Self experience new possibilities through creative play. 

Once you are done imagining all the wonderful new possibilities, close your daydreaming/meditation/visualization with, “This or something better – for the highest good of all.”

Let this be an opening into the energy of the Solstice, which is tomorrow, December 21, 2021.

And of course, if you are having a hard time, please reach out to a friend and/or a therapist.

Have an amazing day!!

Working with Today’s Energy

It seems like the entire reading is an exercise in working with today’s energy. So, make those lists! get into the “what if . .. ” possibilities! If you have any questions, let me know.

Share: I would love to hear how it goes! Feel free to share in the comments below.  

Book a reading 

If you wanna book a reading with me, check out my offerings.

Seasonal changes, the solstice, birthdays, the New Year are all great times to get a reading. 

Have an amazing day! 

See you tomorrow!


December 20, 2021
New England

Big love!!

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