Music Monday Redux – Dreaming of . . . Television (and social expansion)

Marquee Moon

I’m missing New York this morning. Would love to roll out of bed, leave my apartment and sit in a coffee shop with my journal and a mug of joe. I know I’d see friends, maybe join a few to make music or write or paint or go for a walk in the park.

Television. Good for a New York mood and an (almost) full moon.

photo from the New York Times

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Update: January 30, 2023

I originally wrote this post on March 11, 2012 – I was missing New York City very badly.

Now I am in New York City – and I have been doing those things I dreamed of – having coffee in a cafe (though now I prefer my own coffee, it’s painful to pay a lot of money for crappy coffee). I’m making music and art with friends. I’m sober. That’s how this happens.

Tom Verlaine, singer and guitar player passed away a few days ago. (January 28, 2023) The New York I knew feels alien. Maybe it’s not New York. Maybe it’s the stage of life, more and more of the people who made a difference through their art and music have been dying. My mom has been slowly leaving the world.

Today, was unusually warm for the end of January.

Grief feels like hitting a patch of ice, the world spinning slowly while the car and I remain completely still. 

New York, New York
January 30, 2023

Image: The Guardian, Tom Verlaine, frontman of the pioneering 1970s punk-rock band Television, has died.  CREDIT: GUS STEWART/REDFERNS


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