Healing in the Amazon

The Amazon is in need of good vibes right now! Please send your energy in a good way.

Tata Pedro and Healer2Healer member in Guatemala

I will be meeting with a group of alternative medical practitioners called Healer2Healer in Peru. Healer2Healer is an international organization based in New York City that brings volunteer alternative medicine practitioners – such as acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, and medical massage therapists – to rural indigenous communities.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I am raising funds for the trip. Please check out my fundraiser.

Below are excerpts from a letter by Frederic Bernal Lim, Founder and Executive Director of Healer2Healer. It details the success of their last trip to Guatemala as well as includes a letter of thanks from one of their students:

Our trip to Quiche from June 23-July 1 accomplished what we set out to do: Reach out to the Q’anil Womens Group and Teach them NADA auricular acupunctuure and some very basic acupuncture needling protocols . . .

Peruvian child

The space where we had the teaching and clinic was donated by the current Mayor of Santa Cruz del Quiche.The needles and supplies were generously donated by Lhasa, OMS and Helio. Below is an email I received this week from Alicia L, a student we trained. It is a letter of thanks to our group with special thanks mentioned therein. I copied and pasted Alicia’s original email and translated it as best I could. It is an example of the impact we have in a community far from us.

(translated from Spanish) hello Frederick! Alicia L. sends greetings from Quiche, Guatemala!! I hope you are well. Unfortunately, at the previous occasion I could not share with you and express how grateful and happy I am for having met you and Tom and the other people who came and especially Cheelsi. Greetings to her. She is very nice and special for me and my children. Please send her my greetings when you see her. ……….

It is very good to learn ways to help people who need it most and the power to heal is not about the money; On the contrary, often an illness appear that perhaps develops from the imbalance in our lives. For me Reiki is very significant to help heal people. On one occasion I dreamed that a student of my husband called me to say goodbye because he was going to die. Days later the dream became reality: At 3am the cel rang and it was he with a heart problem and had no hope to live so the doctors told them he needed heart surgery costing 200.000 quetzales. And they for being poor could not do it, in addition he belonged to a community and complicated the matter more. I felt at that moment that I ought to go and help. Not thinking, I just went. It was half hour away by car and an hour walk to get to his home. Without going further I began to cry as he was almost dead!! I thought, “God, what can I do for him?!” …..

Then I remembered Mila who taught me that Reiki does not cause damage and it was a way to heal. Without thinking any further I set out to give Reiki. To my surprise was that it was a miracle. More than three months since then, he is well and that he got married and didn’t invite me. Noboday thanked me but my greatest joy is to see him so happy and eager to live. It is one of the many experiences I had ….

And therefore I don’t want to stay stagnant. I want to learn more help to individuals, but with my career now (studying nursing) I have more contact with persons and so I can see from their social-state and psycho-spirituality, and that of their families and community. So in a very respectable way I would in some way I could be helped to keep learning. Nothing more to tell you. I would just like to wish you all success in your work and especially those performed by focusing health-assistance from alternative medicine. … waiting for your return email I dismiss myself and extend my hand in gratefulness…. have a nice night

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