Yoga-ing, (yodeling), and the jungle

The Flagstaff Yoga Festival is next week. I have two 5-class passes and one 3-day pass available. I am extending the FYF Healer to Healer IndieGo-Go perk to July 31st. Some folks have expressed interest in going – now’s the chance to get your yoga on and give to a good cause at the same time!

In case you weren’t aware, I am also teaching at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival on August 5th. My class is called Freeing Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth, Claiming Your Power.

Me in another incarnation exercising my 5th Chakra

The workshop focuses on the 5th Chakra – where we will open to Divine Will, Creativity, our Calling, and our Dreams (which is true power). Expect to relax your body and mind, release your throat and jaw – as well as self-judgment and shame, give voice to a dream, learn some mantras for creativity, and actively listen to your Self, your body, and to others. Oh yeah, we’ll make a little noise, too.

This will be my last Flagstaff Yoga Festival for a while. I am keeping next year open for Amazon activities.