Very 5th Chakra Week in Astrology (3.12.12)

So I just finished creating this recording for my Writing the Energetic Body workshop where I talked about how the 5th Chakra is about our Divine Will, or basically our calling in life. It is about being honest with ourselves, and how that honesty and acting on our Truth (Divine Will) is not only good for ourselves, but for everyone. (Each of us is here for a reason – and when we listen and tap into it, we are elevating the overall vibe of the universe).

The first half of my recording got cut off (Mercury retrograde?), but my relaxation exercise on the chakra was saved! Then I listened to Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather podcast, and she essentially talked about the 5th Chakra without calling it the 5th Chakra. Synchronicity like this has been happening all week, so I am sharing the groovy connection.

Chakra 5: Visuddha ~ Purification, Communication, Creativity • The Right to Speak and Be Heard • Ether, Sound

The Fifth Chakra is about Communication and Creativity.  It is about keeping our word with ourselves and with others. When our 5th Chakra is balanced, we can trust and allow the “Divine Will” (which is really our Higher Self) to flow through us.

In writing (or any other creative act like music, painting, cooking, speaking), Divine Will is when it feels as if we have let go and have “channeled” our words. Have you ever reread your work and wondered, “Did I write that?” It’s becoming so in the flow with whatever you are doing that you lose track of time and your expression becomes effortless. Whatever your work – whatever you are driven to do – that’s it.

Question: What am I meant to do with my life?

According to Anne Ortelee, astrologer and teacher, this week is all about decisions concerning our life’s calling. Mercury is pushing the agenda and the big “life” planets are responding.

Check out Anne’s Weekly Weather Podcast and listen for yourself!