Joy Ride

My time in Northern Arizona is coming to an end very soon. I already have a place in Phoenix, but have been easing my way down there as I get a job in the city. I am excited about some possibilities! Also, I am setting up my studio for not only art, but reiki and yoga and workshops (stay tuned).

I’ve been in the Verde Valley for almost two weeks now – often I come home as the sun is just beginning to set. It is beautiful here! I am astounded every evening.

Tonight, I decided to check out a trail at the bottom of the road in Old Town Cottonwood for photos. I wasn’t quite sure how to get there, but I thought I remembered. No GPS – let’s just go!

The journey was so beautiful I wasn’t even worried if I found it.

This road seemed to be going in the right direction – downhill! They don’t have skies like this back east (I pulled over to take this pic):

By the time I did find the old part of town, I realized I was out for a joy ride. And then it dawned on me that I hadn’t gone for a joy ride since my car accident in 2009! Since then, driving was a tense and painful experience for me.

It felt so good to be out!

They don’t call it the Verde River for nothing! (I know – I’m in the middle of a desert!!!) A canal at the beginning of the path.

I walked down the path a little way and the grass was several feet taller than my head. I felt like I could have been in the Amazon.

I met this cool cat while I was out. He reminds me of my kitty Tiger, but much more calm. Buddha Kitty with a sweet mew.

I took so many pictures, but I won’t post them all.

Absolutely marveling at the beauty all around me. 

© Holly Troy August 22, 2012

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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