What are your fears . . . ?

Yesterday, I asked in my post Relational Power of WritingHave you ever asked yourself what your fears are about writing?

Well, to go a little deeper with that question, try this:

Take a few deep inhales and exhales. Inhaling . . . shrug your shoulders up to your ears . . . exhaling . . . release your shoulders.

Now ask yourself this: What are my fears about writing?
Go – write for 15 minutes without stopping or editing. When you are finished, put your writing down, walk around, swing your arms, have a glass of water. Come back and read your writing out loud. Notice a pattern? Where do you feel it in your body? Anything stand out to you?

Now write on this: If I weren’t afraid, I’d write about . . .
Go for 15 minutes without stopping or editing. Read your work out loud. Anything excite you? Scare you? Make you laugh? Do you say to yourself, I couldn’t possibly write about that because . . . (list all the ways . . . I am willing to bet there is a way around each and every “reason”).

* * * * *
Feel free to share your responses as a comment. (Remember, you can always reply anonymously).

* * * * *

scary mythical creature in the Amazon jungle

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