A Conversation With Place: Returning to Our Council

“In such important times, common sense may say to return to the root of our humanity, grow down as well as grow up. With a sturdy foundation, we become strong and responsible to really effect change in the world which stems from our natural creative selves.” ~ Will Reynolds

photo: Holly Troy

Just had a lovely conversation with Jonah and Will regarding the work they are doing. Wow. We could talk for hours and hours. What they are doing is so deep and important – I highly recommend this event. Just discussing their work was uplifting.

I interviewed Jonah Jensen and Will Reynolds of Earthways Journeys to discuss their work and their upcoming event A Conversation With Place: Returning to Our Council.

It was so good talking with them – and the conversation opened up so much more to talk about, getting more detailed with the work. It also reminded me of my own processes when I help people with healing and when I am working with a practitioner.

A Conversation with Place: Returning to Our Council is happening on SAturday, February 10 in Lyons, CO. The retreat is taking place on pristine land and in a yurt! Sounds perfect!

PS: Will and Jonah really moved me – I want to write more about this interview and I wanted to post the video (I need more time to write) For now, just watch!!


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