April Fool’s Journey – The Fool

I’m taking a trip on an April Fool’s Journey this month. Kayleigh Jean, tarot reader and writer of Falcons and Pentacles, has created a daily deep dive challenge into the Tarot’s Major Arcana with questions that coincide with the card of the day – beginning with, of course, The Fool (April 1st). 

Kayleigh beautifully describes the Fool:

The Fool is a card of carefree adventure and movement. This is the archetype of the child or young person, going wide-eyed into a new adventure, unafraid of rejection, failure, or wasting effort. The Fool is in it for one thing-the joy of this experience! Fool energy can be at once irreverent, goofy, spontaneous, idiotic, wise, and especially ridiculous! This is definitely an archetype of paradox. Sometimes, we may want to call on the Fool energy, for example, when we need to move into an unknown experience and think, “I must be crazy to be doing this.” In those times, Fool energy helps us to take a leap of faith.

I would also add that the Fool represents pure potential. It’s number is 0 – where anything is possible. In nothing exists everything.

The question for the Fool is: Where am I being called to just TRUST take that leap of faith? 

The fool and clarifying spread © Holly Troy 4.1.2019I pulled three cards from the Sun and Moon deck by Vanessa Decort. – Five of Pentacles and two clarifying cards: Seven of Wands reversed and Empress reversed.

Five of Pentacles – This is what I most fear – being destitute, homeless, on the “outside” looking in or not being seen at all. The card is about financial or physical disruption, poverty. It’s about feeling apart from the prosperity that is all around us at all times.

The two figures (I see them as the anima and animus, two parts of the Self experiencing division) are stuck in mundane misery and they do not see the divine splendor of the stained glass window right above their heads. Fear and worry put on blinders to possibility, but, there is hope – there is an intuitive sense that the disruption is creating movement in a better direction – after all, even if they cannot see it now, Beauty and Wholeness is upon them.

Seven of Wands – Fiery creative action based on knowledge gained from previous creative action. It is about personal value and persevering without compromise. Stepping into the next level of creative mastery – and being recognized for it. Badass. Warrior energy. Courageous.

rhyder waite empress
The Empress from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Empress – The loving wisdom of Mother Earth. Feminine, fertile, intuitive, compassionate, divinely connected, (super)natural, Venusian, and creative. Earthly abundance, harvest. The Empress is pregnant, round, ripe. Her dress traditionally is covered with pomegranate fruits (so many seeds!) and she holds the Staff of Life.


The Fool is stepping into a new reality, maybe even an invisible dimension. To take a step costs nothing – I am being asked to look beyond my current situation and recognize that I am whole and valuable and connected to something bigger than myself. I am being asked to believe in courage. The beauty and wisdom and gifts of even the hard times melts away the fear. I am being called to trust that I will be taken care of.

Five of Pentacles is saying I have reached rock bottom – and I had better not sit there for too long. It is time for me to apply fiery energy toward intuitive endeavors – somatic manifestation workshops, tarot, writing, yoga, music, painting, healing arts, and enjoying the outdoors. I have experience, talent, knowledge and compassion on my side – I can weave these passions together, embrace them, dance with them, and share with others.

My ideas are beyond myself. Staying small keeps me in the place of the Five of Pentacles.  I must acknowledge where I am already experiencing joy and abundance and let the energy flow so that the tipping point toward the life of my dreams is obvious and unstoppable. Start by proceeding with the talent, wisdom, love, and prosperity that is already flowing through me and around me. Life is a gift to be experienced, not put off until another time.


Check out Kayleigh Jean on instagram.

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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