Rewinding the Cosmic Clock

cosmic clock b © Holly Troy 2021I reworked this painting – after looking at it hanging on my wall for eight months. It’s called Cosmic Clock. Or now, it is Cosmic Clock Redux. I feel much better about it.

While I was rewiring the painting, I thought, “How funny. I’m getting around to changing the Cosmic Clock, and, cosmically, astrologically, this is a week of change!”

First of all, on June 10th, there is a solar eclipse new moon  19º06′ Gemini. Eclipses are not the most comfortable transits – we may be feeling the need to change based on a seeing things from a new perspective. This new way of seeing can’t be denied. Now that you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Gemini is on the north node – the Gemini lessons we learn right now are for our soul’s growth. We are also at the new moon in Gemini, this is a time for intention setting. The intentions we set now will play out over the next month, the next 2.25 years, and the next 19 years. Think about where you would like to be 19 years from now – let some of your objectives be far-reaching. Make 10 wishes and affirm them as if they’ve already happened.

Here are some affirmations based on your sun or rising sign that may help you get started with intention topics:

Aries: I learn by allowing my curiosity to lead the way.
Taurus: I value flowing and playful communication with others.
Gemini: I am fully myself when I experience open-hearted, curious, playful connection.
Cancer: I restore and nurture innocence and curiosity.
Leo: I create friendships by sharing my hopes and dreams.
Virgo: I declare and share all that I have learned and all that I would like to learn.
Libra: I explore with a sense of wonder.
Scorpio: I integrate secrets and the psychological undercurrents of society for the wholeness of the collective.
Sagittarius: I love how banter and storytelling bring me closer to those I am in partnership with.
Capricorn: I serve my community by sharing stories.
Aquarius: I create my reality with my words and thoughts.
Pisces: I feel nurtured and safe when I can communicate freely and with innocence.

This week is pretty intense with the Saturn / Uranus square at 13º coming up on June 14th. The Saturn Uranus square is saying. “what structures in my life are wanting to change?” Saturn is about structure. And Uranus is about change, like lightning strike kind of change. Weird, out of left field, sort of changes. And it takes time as it goes through the chart so like the changes with the square may feel abrupt yet they are deep.

Saturn is bones, Uranus is the nervous system. We might be feeling a bit jangled right now. The structures are changing.

cosmic clock detail 2 b © Holly Troy 6.2021Uranus (nervous system, electricity, esoteric, lightning strike) is in Taurus (Earth sign, money, pleasure, what we value) and Saturn (time, responsibility, structures, bones, teeth, permanence) is in Aquarius (collective, groups, tribal energy, electricity, esoteric). Wherever these signs are falling in your chart is where you are being transformed.

Embracing change is usually easier than trying to dodge it. Because the planets are poised for deep change, this is a good week to start new habits. Be aware of what you are doing, you don’t want to accidentally start a bad habit. (In the drugs addiction world – you don’t want to “get a habit”. And, I am not going into the Neptune transits here – just to say – be aware and deliberate with your choices this week).

Think about what it is that you’re actually doing. What it is that you’re saying. Mercury is retrograde as well. So you want to slow down, give yourself a little extra time to get around. You know, you don’t wanna be rushing in traffic or, sending off an email without rereading it.

This can be a hard time for people because our brains do not like change. And this last year everything changed! If you need extra rest, take extra rest. If you’re just feeling like you don’t know what to do with yourself, move your body! Dance! Shake it out. Go for a walk in the woods. Jump up and down. Shake. Let the charged energy move through you and not get stuck. Turn up some music, sing at the top of your lungs.

If you’re having a hard time call somebody, if you’re not feeling like you’re having a hard time be aware that other people are, so be gentle with other people. Maybe reach out to friends who have been having a rough time. And you can you can reach out to me too. You can send me a note. I’m not a therapist, but I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Just know you’re not alone.

Try to embrace the metamorphosis energy of this time. It can be challenging – but try to go with the flow, even if it’s a bolt out of the blue. If we didn’t have surprises, life would be pretty boring, hey? And if there is something about your life that you don’t like – use this energy now to make a shift! The universe is on your side.

The teeny tiny example for me is the changes I made to this painting. Even though it’s been shown in public, I decided I wanted to update it. Leaving it as it happened to be, was getting on my nerves. (And, curiously enough, right now, Uranus is in my house of creativity, fun, and art while Saturn is in my house of value. self-worth and money. The painting is getting a lot of attention – and one of the ways I make money is through art)!

Confession: The larger example is, after a twenty-year break, I decided to get back into recovery. I wasn’t abusing drugs or alcohol, but I had developed the habit of compromising my boundaries – I had been allowing compromises on micro-levels for decades. I woke up buried deep under the weight of twenty years of mediocrity and isolation and  undermining myself – and enough is enough. 

Time to change up that habit!

To see more info about the Cosmic Clock, go here.

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Music playing in the background of the video – BOMB! See the Music Monday – Madness Grooves post. 

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.

June 10, 2021
Flagstaff, AZ

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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    1. David! You are spot on – by the time I posted this I had gone off on the cosmic side of things and had completely forgotten about an actual comparison! LOL. I’ll post something soon.

      I may have a few paintings to obliterate. It’s fun.

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