Twelve Days of Tarot – Day 4 – 12.16.21

10 of Cups and bottom of deck 6 of Wands

All This and More . . .

Acknowledge, have gratitude for your abundance, for what brings you joy, for the love that is in your life. 10 of Cups is saying take a moment to be thankful for what brings you joy, growth, value. 

6 of Wands – reiterates that the time for acknowledgment is important, for celebration is important as it feeds our emotional batteries. Being praised, giving praise is uplifting and essential in maintaining momentum in relationships, creativity, connection, passion, life!

Today is a moment to be grateful, acknowledge what is good in your life. Step back for a moment and acknowledge all the gifts in your life – notice how good life is. Do a little dance or some sort of fun thing that marks your happiness and blessings.

Give and receive praise and love with confidence, fun, love, and grace.

How can you creatively tell someone you love them? Do the people in your life tell you, show you, they love you?

How can you tell the world that you love your life? How does the world show you you are loved?

Take the time to notice what is good. 

Added astrological note that feels to me like it goes very well with todays cards: 

What do you value? 
How do you want to be valued?
How do you experience love, pleasure, beauty, romance?

These are Venusian questions that are going to be a focus as Venus starts her retrograde journey beginning on December 19 and lasting until January 29. And because it is in Capricorn we’ll be looking at Career, Finances, and Reputation (as they pertain to the house that Capricorn rules in your particular chart). Venus will move from 26º Capricorn on December 19th all the way back to 11º Capricorn. She will move back over the degrees for a third pass as she begins her journey forward on January 29th, 2022.

These repeated degrees are called the Shadow – the questions that are coming up for you around love, values, career, finances and beauty, have been happening since November 17th, 2021 – and they will be highlighted until March 2, 2022 as she clears the degrees and continues her journey forward. Right now she is stationed, which means she appears to be still in the sky, which magnifies the issues (and why I think it goes well with today’s cards).

Slow down and take the time to acknowledge what works for you. And determine how you want to be treated. If you are not experiencing the cards in your life – take the time to visualize. You will have til March to get clarity. Don’t let anyone rush you at this time, Venus is very personal. She will also be doing a dance with Pluto during this time – She wants to make some changes and she wants them to be deep. 

Warning: While Venus is retrograde, try to avoid large aesthetic purchases like furniture, sports cars, or expensive clothing at this time. Luxury items – wait til Venus clears her shadow. Also, no elective plastic surgery procedures til after March 2nd, 2022. 

Working with today’s energy

Today would be a great day to make a gratitude list. Perhaps a daily list until January 29, 2022. Maybe write three things, or spend five minutes a day writing what you are grateful for. Gratitude is a spiritual and creative battery. By the end of January you might even have anew habit.  
Or try this: “I Love . . . “ Record or write down as quickly as possible for 3 minutes – I love . . . (fill in the blank). Better yet, do it with a partner. Taking turns, look into your partners eyes and for three minutes say (for example) I love fresh air, I love the sound of birds singing, I love your eyes, I love my mom, I love my bed, I love you . . . etc. Always start with “I love”. Your partner silently takes in your “I loves”. After three minutes, switch. 

Or try this: Louise Hay’s Mirror Work. Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror and say, ” [your name] I love you. I really really love you. What can I do for you today that can make you happy? [and anything that comes up]”

I can’t help but share this – Louise Hay was an amazing human being. If you have ever known anyone who died of AIDS, especially in the 80s, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. But Louise was there, working and helping so many people who were shunned. I have lost many friends to AIDS – what a dark time it was at the height of the disease. So many people were afraid.  

And since I was in my twenties, Louise has helped me, has given me a lot of tools, to choose life. I am grateful for her, and maybe you will be, too. What a rare and wonderful human being she was.

See the mirror work in the video at 31:00

Would love to hear if you try any of these things – or if you have other habits or rituals that you like to do. Feel free to share in the comments below!

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Seasonal changes, the solstice, birthdays, the New Year are all great times to get a reading. 

See you tomorrow!


December 16, 2021
New York City

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