Born on a Thursday #50 – Consciousness

It seems that consciousness is always moving toward pleasure. Free-write from the Crown (7th) Chakra . .


Soft electricity pulses through my body as I let my mind go. A deep YES wells from within me and I want to share these feelings of abundance and expansion. When I make love to you, your Divine Self, it is because I see the Highest good in you, and I want to share the Highest good in me.

Soft, flowing, dark and light. Piscean energy, merge, release, merge, release. Consciousness consciousness consciousness. I feel it in you as I feel it in myself.

Soft molecule bubbles permeate all existence. The tiniest almost imperceptible lights dance on our breath. I am alone yet I am not. I am surrounded by love, flowing in me and around me.

I trust love. I receive. I receive.

If I have to practice this receiving, then I will. I will practice receiving. I want to receive Love in the physical realm, bring it in through my body let it flow through my fingers, souls of my feet, my mouth, heart, breasts, belly. This consciousness is not disconnected – it is everywhere. In around me, you, the trees, a dog, the stones along the path, the air, the color that vibrates and morphs from light.

Consciousness. Blue dreams, blue sky shifting constantly, imperceptive, softly, slowly, until the finale of daybreak. Suddenly bright. And then, suddenly shifting from white-blue to orange, to pink, to purple, to blue again, to almost black.

blue horse (c) 2013 Holly TroyNothing is ever really black, but almost black. So dark-deep-blue. Nothing but tar, the past boiled down and mixed into a sticky soup – remnants of ages ago. Nothing but black holes. Nothing but the birth and the death of the universe. And stars, like a sprinkling of dust, splatter across the swath of empty space like spilt milk on velvet, a soft highway into the cosmos, like life.

Consciousness. Consciousness. You are gone but always there, like a ghost, like hope. Eventually you will fade as consciousness keeps flowing through me and the present takes over. I move with consciousness so that I can know. I know where I am and what I am feeling. I wash the place, the space, with love and compassion again and again, smoothing, polishing, refining.

Consciousness. Cracking open the world so that what once was can no longer be and always is. Just a brighter vision and a deeper darkness – an indelible pressing of fingers, lips, forehead. An indelible inkling of something more.

Consciousness, widespread and underlying. Under. Over. I feel myself almost wrapped around a rock, just wanting to send love and hold on to it. I am not falling, I am acknowledging. I am in a physical body; my body can hold the consciousness that expands outward to the cosmos. My body can express the cosmos. My body expresses and collects consciousness – from everything it experiences.

Conscious thought – far beyond the pixels on the screen, and yet, now, it is part of the pixel on the screen. As we communicate, we experience more consciousness.


holy (c) 2014 Holly TroyOpen after meditation, peaceful, and a little afraid. I open and I pull back, open and pull back. I take my time, move slowly, make sure I have solid footing before each leap. And I want to leap, and I want to dig. Dig deeply. It is not all above; it is also below. And within.

Yes. OK. It – the “yes”, the flood of YES that brings me back to this again and again, brings me back to expansion, creation, communication, imagination, sex, lovers, life, the ocean, a bike ride, the wind, the trees, the wild air, sleeping under stars, the moon, the river cutting through the desert, the trying trying trying to understand, the understanding, the need for understanding, the giving, the opening, the love, the joy, the heartache, the grief, the chance, the risk, the dusting myself off and trying again, the cold, the sun on my back on my face, fingertips, whispers.

Can consciousness keep me from falling too far? There is a buoyancy, and weightlessness to it all – sometimes unbearable – I want to share it.


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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

3 thoughts on “Born on a Thursday #50 – Consciousness

  1. Sublime and beautiful. I need to practice receiving in this way also. I often find it difficult but when I open enough to receive the energy you describe, I feel quite free and need nothing else. Thank you for sharing this Holly. Please record it with your voice and post it!


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