Yoga on Thursdays and Breathing

“Yoga does not remove us from the reality or responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience. We don’t transcend our lives; we return to the life we left behind in the hopes of something better.” ~ Donna Farhi

buddhaGet in touch with your body, your breath, get in touch with life.

I’m teaching gentle hatha yoga at Truly Fit on Thursday mornings. My focus is on noticing how the breath expands and relaxes the body, how it stabilizes the body and mind when fear and challenges arise.

Thursday Mornings – 8:10 to 9:15

Truly Fit
5200 E. Cortland Blvd, Suite A19
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

I hope to see you there!

Below is a short video from my last session of Writing the Energetic Body. Enjoy!!

And another video by the amazing Kate Bush. Breathing . . .