“rock potluck” – making music for making music

I love making music. It is a huge part of my life. I started my first band when I was 15 years-old. But up until last year, I hadn’t made music for 14 dark years. The world with music is a much brighter place.

Now, I feel like I’ve been making up for lost time. I am in two bands and various side-projects.  I am honored to be embraced by the music community here. There are so many talented musicians and artists in Flagstaff, and it was largely a sphere I was shut off to until I stepped into it. There is a different dimensionality to my environment today, it feels bigger. Now, I feel like I connect with people on a new level, like I get to live at a deeper level of honesty.

The steps that brought me back to making music began with a small “yes.” And then another, and another. And before I knew it, I made a commitment to something bigger than myself.

The arts are essential for our quality of life. People are creative, and we enjoy creativity. The other day I was listening to a podcast by Guru Jagat and she said, “Creativity = Love = Creativity.” And some folks say, “God is Love.” When I am making music with people, it’s exactly how I feel, in love. Because I am – it is all around me. I am in it. The sound surrounds me, and moves through me, too.

On Saturday, February 22, I will be part of the Redifusion 2/ A Music for Charity Event. All proceeds for to the School of Music at FALA – or – Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. Hosted by Mudshark Recording Studios, they have gathered enough musicians to play in five bands. We won’t know who we are playing with until tomorrow (Friday, 2/21/2020) at 11 am when it is announced via the radio station KJACK. One of the bandmates will be a high school student from FALA.

Redifusion details:

The Redifusion is a “rock potluck” where we bring together 25 members picked from 25 different bands to form 5 new groups with new names that will perform for the first time together on stage at the event.

Each of the new groups meet on the morning of the event to write two original songs, learn one cover and come up with a band name. That night they perform at Firecreek Coffee Company – Flagstaff in front of their fans, friends and peers for charity!

25 musicians
25 different bands
5 new bands formed
1 night only!

The band rules are as follows:

As a new band, you will need to write and perform two original songs and one cover (all in one day). You will have one rehearsal before the show sometime between 10am-3pm. You also need to come up with a new band name. You will have ample time to perform- A schedule of events is underway, but plan on about 25 minutes. That leaves plenty of time for introductions, banter, and songs.

We perform at Firecreek Coffee Company in Flagstaff at 8:00 PM. February 22nd.

This is going to be fun~!

The video below highlights the story behind Redifusion, as well as features musicians from last year’s event.

I am really excited and humbled to be representing the Conduits for this project. For me, this is a great way to give back to my community. Kids need to be encouraged to keep their creative dreams alive, we all do. When we know our dreams are valued, it can make all the difference to continue moving forward.

Keep on dreaming, everybody!

Thanks for reading.

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

8 thoughts on ““rock potluck” – making music for making music

        1. Nick! Last night’s show was so good! Holy crap – I didn’t have lyrics ready for the show until right up to showtime. Luckily, the musicians were all incredible – even the student who played with us. He is a clarinet player from Australia. I think he is 16 years-old.

          Every group was different – blues, punk, country, gospel . . . my group was avant garde/psychedelic/post-modern.

          We pulled it off! The first song was Sade-esque, the second song was a bit of spoken-word and singing transcendental bliss storm, and our cover was Wonderwall with a trippy finale. We had the audience singing along and caught up in a swirl.

          Lots of people were video-ing the show. Hopefully I get a copy of the happenings. I unfortunately was so busy preparing songs that I left my phone at home, so no recoding from me. If the performance surfaces, I will be sure to post it!

          I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday – I am back to painting (I’m a week behind schedule with no choice but to finish my work in the next day or so – paintings get hung next Monday!)


        2. It turned out great. A lot of work, a roller coaster of emotions, and a lot of fun. I left my phone at home so did not get a video. Our drummer recorded our set from where he was playing. The club has monitors, but the sound guy never turns them on. Still, you can sort of make out what’s happening. We had keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, vocals (me) and tambourine, and clarinet (our 16 year-old student).

          Each band was completely different, which was remarkable. The first band was blue, the next was bluegrass, punk, then us – we were psychedelic fusion I suppose, and finally, Americana.

          Here’s the link to the drummer’s soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-langdorf/xzavier-and-the-flavor-xzaviors-at-redifusion-22320-929-pm

          Take care! Holly

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          1. Holly. Sounds a great evening! Y’know, in many ways, I prefer a bootleg recording over something more achingly ‘pro’. Rather like the Velvet’s ‘Live At Max’s…’, the ear is drawn in immediately to the club noise, the evening, the event. There is a sensation of ‘being there’. Bravo! xx

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