Mother your Mother before she was your Mother

Setting your Cancer New Moon Intentions

A simple ritual for Cancer New Moon Intention Setting

Write out your intentions.

Pour a glass of water. Holding the glass in your hands, read your intentions with energy and emotion. Charge the water with your intentions by sending all of that energy into the glass of water. Now, drink the water.

You may also place your intentions on an altar. Every night, place a glass of water on the intentions. In the morning, drink the water. And, or, water your plants with the water.

What’s your story – (and does it help you grow like a) morning glory?

We played with the concept of sending intentions to your past in Co-Creating with the Cosmos – Going Deeper into the Power of Unseen Realms – Lunar Lesson Cancer. During the workshop leading up to the meditation, we worked with embodying the energy of the unseen world, water and conductivity, and dancing in the safe fluid space of the (soul) womb.

I’ll continue to explore this concept of sending intentions of love and healing to the past  – and how I have been working with it for my own healing.

Mother your mother before she was your mother!

Metta Cancer Moon Meditation

The meditation:

Send yourself back in time, to before you were born. See your mother as a young woman. See her just before you were a spark of existence. Send her love-filled joy-filled wishes. See yourself going back in time as the adult you are now – or the future self you want to be, giving your mother as a young woman a hug. Send her blessings, surround her with light and love and assure her that you are grateful for your life and that life is good. Imagine sending her encouraging words. Imagine your mother having everything she needs to feel loved, safe, and nurtured. Imagine your etheric self embracing your expectant mother and sending her love safety and nourishment. Imagine sending yourself love, safety, and nourishment. Trust that all is well.

Om shanti.

Have an amazing New Moon – it’s a powerful one!

Be safe. Be kind.


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Full disclosure: I am here to experiment and explore creative potentials with current cosmic happenings, tarot archetypes, physical embodiment, and pranic energies. I am not a psychologist. If you need help, please seek professional care. 

buckminster fuller quote
Buckmister Fuller was a Cancer (of course).




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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

8 thoughts on “Mother your Mother before she was your Mother

  1. The lineage blessings sending back to your young mother is a wonderful way to engage Cancer here. There’s so much in your video that… nourishing your water with your intentions, and drinking it to literally digest and nourish yourself back with your intentions, and some to the plants to to nurture your surroundings. Leaving the water on your altar, and taking it in in the morning. This is a beautiful video, Holly, with so much in the way of engaging Momma Cancer this time of the year last week and continuing.

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    1. Thanks so much.

      One of the things I have noticed about my own practice with astrology – as in so many of the things I practice, try, think about – is this expansion of compassion for myself and the world. I used to be very shy about this work, I guess now I am navigating my way with it and how to present it, but more and more I see the opening of compassion, which helps me be more brave with putting it out there.

      And it serves as a reminder for me to keep on doing it. If I’m sharing it, I most certainly must also do it, yes?? 🙂

      Thanks again!

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      1. I have a similar perspective, especially from my Brainspotting work. The compassion for self, not being mean to oneself or overly critical, in fact internally commenting and discussing, though standing strong and powerfully listening rather than accepting any shaming behavior whatsoever, has brought me to a personal sovereignty within that isn’t about not caring what I or others think of me. It has simply become a place of powerfully listening without being influenced by things unless they resonate AND I feel they are in my internal best interest… which then translates into a comfortability with myself, and a further comfort with my work, and an enhanced and amplified ability to connect with others and their work and with empathy see And experience it from their perspective… rather than whether I agree or not.

        Yes, if sharing, one must do. My watercolors for instance. For 2 decades and during completing them, I would nod and know when they were done and share them, though for other people. I was simply doing them, almost in a savant way, as I felt nothing for them, was not moved. I had simply moved to create and make them. Now, though, I AM also benefitting from them as Ablution Pools. I chalk that up to opening up to my own feelings in general from Brainspotting, which then gave me a greater capacity for joy and connection to and with the art… my own and others’ in whatever capacity the art medium comes across — painting, writing, drawing, performing, Reading, etc.

        It really dials into the, “Know thyself, and you will know the Universe” And, knowing internal compassion, makes the world a more compassionate place.

        I laugh, because I call it Yellow Car Syndrome. In 2005, I went to buy a car. I couldn’t afford much, though I had had an Audi TTS 5 years before when I was doing really well financially, so I wanted something with verve and some foot, though again, not expensive. I walked into the showroom, and the 1st thing I saw was this EuroTrash looking bright Sunflower yellow Chevy Aveo — kinda like a GTI that dieted too much and was stripped down… but, in all its concise quality of look, that YELLOW! WOW! I say I laugh, because on the way to the dealership, there were NO yellow cars on the road. Driving it off the lot, I must have seen 50 in the 20 mile drive home. Because I hadn’t connected to one prior, they were invisible to me. Not anymore. I feel it the same with internal compassion. When you see yourself, you get out of your own way to your own stripped down, Natural Self. And, I feel that in itself naturally evaporates mirages and doesn’t install the blind spots where one has not inspected their expectations.

        Georgia O’Keefe spoke to this in a way. “O’Keefe, why ever do you paint your flowers so large?” “Ahhhuh yes. To force people to LOOK, and see.”

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          1. I appreciate that there is an “all roads lead to Rome” quality here where we come in from such vastly different places, though there is a consummate confluence that occurs in the resonance of similar perspectives, conclusions, actions, concepts.


      1. Livingry, indeed! Yes. I remember discovering him in Architecture school, and feeling a connection to THAT is substance and meaning, not all this substance and meaning shit we are being doled in classes. THAT is creativity being made in the real, given form with substance within that exudes out here.


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