Music Monday – All the Groove you need

I remember seeing flyers around town in 1990/91 for The Brian Jonestown Massacre when I lived in San Francisco. The name alone!!! Brilliant.

on Anemone – “Drenched in opiates and regret, I heard this song once and became besotted by it. It sounds like lost love, past lives, unforgiven mistakes and transgressions.” — Anthony Bourdain (RIP)

Image of the Brian Jonestown Massacre from xs Noise. Photographer unknown.



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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

13 thoughts on “Music Monday – All the Groove you need

        1. I started watching Dig! Made it in about twenty minutes – I’ve known so many people like Anton, I had to look at something else. Shit – I’ve been in bands with people like Anton – come to think of it – was in a band with and lived with someone like Anton for seven years. Maybe the story was too close to home. 🙂

          Watched part 1 of a Paul McCartney Documentary instead – that was really inspiring.

          Does Dig! get better, or does it just follow stoned grandiose wankers around for an hour and forty-five minutes? Maybe I can watch in small doses. You have great taste, so I may forge on in doses.

          Am I getting old? LOL

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          1. Ha! Oh, if anything, they descend into deeper and deeper wankerism, to be honest, Holly! I would agree that we all have met an Anton and perhaps that is the car crash element that I enjoy in DIG. Well, that and the stoned grandiosity! The play-off between the Dandy Warhols [“Holes, as in holes. Warhol” ;)] to me is refreshing as it’s a bit more rnr than the oasis/blur nonsense of yore… in that at least the Dandys and the Brian Jonestown are interesting and proper rnr bands.

            I have watched it several times over the years and will revisit before the end of this one…maybe I will see it with fresh eyes.

            A Night With Lou Reed
            Sympathy For The Devil
            Watch Me Jumpstart (Guided By Voices)

            Spinal Tap obvs 🙂

            We all getting old. Lol

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            1. I will watch in spurts – LOL – I suppose spurts was the same way I used to do my drugs, too. Never more than two days in a row at least!! (so long ago – got over that before I was 20)

              OOH! I’ve so been enjoying the McCartney documentary – I’m glad they put it out before he dies. They do make him out to be a bit of an angel, though I think it’s less about personal drama and more about his creative process and enjoying the job of being a songwriter/bass player/singer/band leader.

              I remember I bought an Oasis CD back in the 90s. What is all the hype about? I wondered. I brought the cd back to the shop to return it. I said – I’d like to return this, there’s something wrong with the cd. Shop guy says – Oh? What’s wrong? I say – It sucks. Shop guy laughs, takes the cd, and gives me my money back.

              Though now, in my old age, when I listen to Oasis, I say – Yeah, these are good songs. They just weren’t a proper rnr band.

              I was such a music snob when I was younger. Now I’m more interested in the fun aspect of music making and creativity in general.

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              1. Haha! Troy, I knew you were an ace! I bought the first Oasis album the week it came out as NME just ramped them up so much as ‘the future of rnr’ – I saved the listening to it all week as I remember…put it on…played it a few times that night and thought, “nah, this is the end of rnr’!! Wish i’d thought to do as you did!

                Hm, I will check the Macca doc as the way you tell it it sounds v. interesting.

                Peas & loaf xo

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