Getting to the Root can be Fun!

I like exploring, and will try just about anything at least once. Of course, once I find something I like, I get into going deeper. ( I geek out). I like working/playing with the chakra system. After leading a few Writing the Energetic Body workshops, I have found that many people get almost weighed down in the first chakra, so I often begin my workshops at the crown chakra now, and work the way down to the root, or the first chakra.

Root Chakra Element - Earth
Root Chakra Element – Earth

Our earliest physical experiences on this planet start with the first chakra. Our sexual energy is also stored in the first chakra, and begins to move in the second. I suspect that our unconscious and societal beliefs about sexuality are also stored in the root chakra. As we understand the world from our individual perspectives, our personal beliefs about sex and sexuality may change – and may be incongruous with the beliefs we were brought up with.

This is where many of us get stuck!

While it’s good to analyze the past – it is also important to stay in the present. Moving the body helps!! Laughter is good, too!

Here is a lo-fi video I made to get the first chakra stimulated:

Like I said, “I’m not a ballerina!”