one hundred and eight days in four Years – Open, Devastated, Human

American Sentence Reprise

All in one place – all my American sentences since the 2016 election. The last sentence was written on October 9th, 2019 – and oh! These last four years! My heart. Celebrate humanity. Keep consciously creating.

And please vote. 

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Oh no! I’ll eat the shit out of anything!” he blurted — and she smiled.

Pedaled bike hard up hospital hill on a warm February day.

Girl in green swirl on gold silk dangle untangle my moon weary smile.

Sarong, beads, and public displays of affection – Saturday afternoon.

Night mist ride to outskirts of town  – white rabbit white fox amble away.

I guess this is what couples do when sad things happen – laughing, crying.

Ride bicycle to work, stand in front of screen, answer phone, ride back home.

Light slats slip on plexiglass darkened air — narrowing and lengthening.

I am surrounded, supported, and loved by strong, beautiful women.

forest in warm snowfall – trails turn to streams – pine needles beneath our feet

My baby is sick and I don’t know what to do — waiting is so hard.

When she asked why I have bad teeth, I lied, and told her I didn’t know.

Shift to gratitude: relief/redemption/restoration/hope/blessings.

The Purple Elephant Parade begins at the House of Origin.

Hurt – his first word – I’m sorry – as if there was anything I could do.

Church lady sucker punch,  didn’t see it coming and I’m still spinning.

How do people believe in a Loving God, yet live so full of fear?

Cold wet weight crushing old limbs already heavy with sap, springtime snow.

Bird-heart rib cage / frantic flutter wing-span / off-beat dream shake / new song sung

Ghost hover in corner / squeeze him out of bed / stare at my man all night!

Let down my guard – split, shed my skin – Phoenix rise in my mind, no one sees.

Spring fever brain boil – thoughts drip moist (like) sweat from Tarzan’s breast – salt on skin.

Thin-skinned politician lawyer  Prickly Blue Magoo twisted up – “Off with her head!” when Pink Lady laughed.

Brown rabbit crosses curved path – pine tree, moist earth, lilac – cool breeze on skin.

Big dreams of waking at 5am and riding road bicycle car-free.

Trump Russia Google addiction — make it stop! make it stop! make it stop!

Wind and water shape the landscape — Coyote ambles along the trail.

Oh! When I saw you grey fox – my heart jumped as you dashed into the wood.

New Cold War grooves consciousness like constant water droplet flow on stone.

Tin roof and rain – change of plan sounds – watching for Sunday morning sunshine.

Scrappy, yes – also – tender, loving, vulnerable, creative, fierce.

Summer space-out fun sun tea total Cosmic energy in a glass!

Red fox running from my bicycle – sorry to have scared it away.

I’m gonna ride that elephant right out of the room – ready or not!

wisp slips crystal cloud mist / tree tips reach / tender spreading press into blue.

salt lick pillar – dirty trick!
turn your back
your tongue means nothing to me

Reach to touch your hand,
brush of fingers across palm . . .
you are gone.

You are everywhere —
I lied when I said
your tongue means nothing to me.

notice your skin
notice the air on your skin
notice your face smiling

Her whisper tingled — You have a beautiful way of doing small things.

Take it easy Honey, and concentrate on not falling off the cliff.

Slipping through time when you press your cheek against my cheek, lips to my ear.

Earth ripples rising — feminine surge — dark compassion awakening.

Saw fox again – silvery fur slipping away on the path ahead.

heartbeat shadow rhythm / echo memory / pressed into my dreaming

bicycle bliss breeze on golden grass sway mountaintop rewards the climb

Held my loving cup out to the World – took a sip when my arms got tired.

Love reveals a hidden pearl – slight grit on teeth – we smile at our secret.

Gliding through the woods I fell in love – got off my bike and hugged some trees.

Latin fiesta outside the racist lawyer’s apartment – joyful!

Feeling my wings growing, finally! Freedom at last! Freedom at last!

My hair is looking good today – smooth curls and waves – I knew you’d notice.

You want to be my friend, but coming from you, I don’t know what that means.

Hey, I’m gonna follow this girl / See you later / Can I have that hat?

pay attention to breath – prana is the fastest way to radiance.

fatigue settles in – thick fog – think about pleasuring myself – too tired

Turned your gaze from me – yet I am not invisible, neither are you.

Unless you are my lover, you don’t get to call me “Honey” – got it?

Babies in cages while politicians dine in Latin restaurants.

fingertips, soft salty lips, and slippery slip slipping to the floor

Warm Sun of your Heart whispers to the Seed of my Soul, “It’s time to grow.”

New lover nourishes the Heart like monsoon rains quench thirsty Mountain.

Dreamed we merge in imperceptible stillness — breath, our only movement.

Drunk on love and wine – your hand on the small of my back sends me spinning.

tawny cat on my lap, coffee mug in my hands, warm man by my side

Oh, Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby . . .

Warm embrace, batik blanket spread on floor, imaginary fireplace.

He noticed my wings – grabbed on – I slipped him off my back and let him fall.

Ironically, a woman protected him from the confrontation.

Food tastes better, colors are brighter, music sounds sweeter with you here.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than singing this song with you.

Hormone shimmy shimmy twist – middle of the night too hot to handle.

orange apples, turquoise blue sky, cool air and heaven beneath our feet.

supernova surge
my body
a light-filled universe
and —
your smile

sometimes you get hungry, and sometimes you are in love, and sometimes your are both at the same time

slippery sadness
mad dreams of you not you
washing away karma

sitting on the couch with you feels like flying on a magic carpet

lover, healer, a guardian angel — person with a broken heart.

in limbo – i need to shake the disease – make coffee, make toast, dry brush.

Ground moist with snowmelt — wet desert clay smell and the promise of springtime.

The star reader asked: If you were five percent more brave, what would you choose?

Love is not the biggest lie, it’s lack of Love that is the biggest lie.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti ~ Om peace, peace, peace ~ Namaste yogis . . .

middle of night madness – brain body twitch – please let me sleep, let me sleep

I put it out there to the universe – I’m ready to be ready.

haven’t seen Amanda’s show – but every time I read her posts, I cry

he leaned in to kiss touch one more time / surprise sweetness of small gestures

stained glass afternoon
golden light
warm conversation
and —
your sweet smile

The artist asked me what I think about – I said – well, not my stomach.

cosmic skin glow
fingers float —
wash of breath

alarm happening / thought it was Saturday / wish it was Saturday

accordion waft
warm breeze
a dream, a movie, another country


pet peeve:
people who speak overly loud in public –
I know your game.

wee hours between hot flashes and awakening — love, birds, forgiveness.

electric switch flip / soul wildfire deep burn / heat hot rises core to skin

stream of harsh reality
while we point fingers

No (fake) news / self-expression is subversive / time is now to make art.

Summer on this mountain is seducing me to stay one more winter.

Do I remember how to teach . . .  I think I remember how to teach . . . 

love letters slipped secretly
side pocket messages
outside of time

summer sunset soundtrack
wheels spin
spell cast
fly me to a past

Battling the bones of unconscious bias, we surge forward from the heart.

He cracked open a snake egg in my spine and my nervous system squirmed.

liminal landscape shimmer
softening awakening
to the dream

One day the song entered my heart – it was then that I knew true Beauty.

All that’s left of the good times — my Sunday dress, ruby rings, and your songs.

There is only one Humpty Dumpty — and I heard he likes to take risks.

Freedom requires us
to use our voice


September 17, 2020
Flagstaff, AZ

Celebrate humanity, kindness, compassion, decency, love, creativity, joy, empathy, culture, community, sustainability, beauty, truth, mother earth.

Please vote.

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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