Time Travel back to Winter Solstice 2017

Letter to and from my Future Self ~ Winter Solstice 2020 (written on Winter Solstice 2017)

Dear Holly,

These last three years have been pivotal for stable growth and transformation in your life. You’ve become grounded in your strength and power — and have truly been the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Your foundation is strong and you are solid yet fluid in who you are.

Abundance and bliss is your birthright. The recognition of your birthright, your spiritual reason for existing on this plane, this physical earth place, has made all the difference in your actions and your ability to move forward toward your hopes and dreams. Your ability to open yourself beyond the horizon, beyond what you see right in front of you, has opened your world in ways you could not have imagined.

Your intuition is strong — I am so grateful you value it and pay attention to it. It has been a constant companion your entire life. This existence, this lifetime, you have really pushed yourself to the edge, that’s when you feel most alive — that was your agreement before incarnating — and your intuition has kept you safe.

The decision to allow transformation to happen through bliss, to follow your bliss and grow through bliss is the fulcrum to the shift in your life these last few years. You know life is magic and change — and you have chosen bliss as the catalyst for change and how you will respond to change. Bliss is your way (even when difficulty happens) — looking for the best feeling and following that best feeling and then the best feeling after that . . .  and after that . . . and after that . . . is a beautiful ecstatic dance.

The consistent, deliberate, dedicated intent to experience bliss and to share bliss has made the biggest happiest shifts in your life.

Making your art, writing your stories, redoing and re-releasing Writing the Energetic Body, loving your friends, letting your friends love you, loving yourself and valuing yourself and expecting to be valued, valuing love, being in nature and being in culture, taking care of your body and your active discipline has made your life better!

Investing in yourself — taking classes, doing workshops, and taking the time to put yourself out there in a way you feel proud of has been the basis of your success.

  • Continue to grow and learn
  • Continue to stay curious
  • Continue to stay fit
  • Continue to follow your bliss
  • Continue to dance
  • Continue to enjoy sex
  • Continue to sing
  • Continue to laugh
  • Continue to love

You have told your story — that place of pain has now become the crack where the light gets in. This thing that was once a liability is now a place of prosperity. Travel the world with your writing, your art, your teachings, your ritual! Enjoy the foundation and loving support of your friends! You are building a beautiful loving home, too — and your doors are open to those who have loved you over the years.

This is what I would tell the Holly from three years ago if I could talk to her today:

  • K loved you to the best of his ability. You were a big love in his life. You both learned from one another. You opened the doors for his sexuality, that was a huge gift for both of you. He never experienced anyone as open and caring as you and your love was healing for him.
  • Your Co-Creative Soul Quest Mate is on his way. He is a man who loves life and he deeply loves you, respects you, and is supportive of you. He is fun, active and adventurous, has a great sense of humor, and is willing to go deep and create and transform with you.
  • You will be more than fine financially. You have keen talents that you are about to fully utilize — they are valuable and people are willing to pay for your abilities.
  • Anything you put your mind, heart and soul into will pay off — you are that good.
  • Ride your bike
  • Practice yoga
  • Your Soul Quest mate is attracting you
  • Believe that you are more beautiful, fit, intelligent, and charismatic every day. Be an example of a powerful woman.
  • Write your story!
  • Your power is in:
    • your sexual awareness;
    • your love, compassion, and empathy;
    • your intelligence;
    • your beauty;
    • your passion;
    • your words;
    • your intuition;
    • your vision;
    • your creativity and imagination;
    • your flexibility and strength;
    • your capacity for forgiveness;
    • your love of nature;
    • your song;
    • your curiosity;
    • your determination to follow your bliss; and
    • your willingness to see beyond what is seen

The world needs you! Continue to love yourself, value yourself, follow your bliss and creativity. Listen to and act on your intuition and impulses in a disciplined way — bring your visions and feelings into physical form. The next half of your life is yours and it is going to be amazing.

Peace and love and beautiful beginnings —


Winter Solstice, 2020 (2017)

(Astro Assignment by Brett Joseph – aka – Gemini Brett).

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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