A lot will happen in 19 years

New Themes and Changing Vibes

On April 19th, or April 20th, 2023, there was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries. This eclipse is calling in new energy for the next cycle of eclipses that are going to be occurring over the next 18 months.

Aries energy is courageous and ready to go – and it’s all about the Self.

Without running your nervous system through anyone else, what do you want for your life? It doesn’t have to be huge, it could be as simple as signing up for a belly dancing class, or ski lessons, or going on a bicycle trip.

Where do you hold back on things you want to do? The universe is nudging you to do the things you’ve been wanting to do.

If you don’t know what you want, what do you passionately not want? Write the things you don’t want down. Then, next to them, write the opposite of those things. Review the list. Do any of those opposite things resonate? Good! Do any of those opposite things scare you? Better! Check out this technique on allowing new things in and writing out a vision.

Eclipse energy often brings about change without your trying. It is helpful to be aware of it, and open to it. After all, it is a New Moon, and super potent. Even through the Eclipse happened a few days ago, there is still time to set intentions – and you still have time to make a treasure map. (See my post about treasure mapping from last Aries Season – I encourage you to do this every year).

In the video below, besides chanting Aham Prema, I lead a meditation through the themes of this eclipse period by taking you back to the last few Aries eclipse seasons that run in 19 year cycles. If you want an idea of the themes this eclipse season cycle will bring up for you, it can be helpful to look back to the beginnings of the last cycles that happened in 2004, 1985, 1966, and 1947. I also take you into the future, to 2042.

A few people sent private messages to me saying the meditation through time was “profound.” Maybe it will be valuable for you as well.

The day of the eclipse, I was feeling down – I was really feeling sadness, grief, frustration. By the evening, when I did this video, I was beginning to feel better, like I had pierced through a membrane that was holding in so much turmoil. By the next day, I felt a big shift in my energetic and emotional state. I am relieved to be feeling my light and energy coming back. 

I thought of the 19-year meditation while hiking on Overlook Mountain. Making meditations is like putting one foot in front of the other, just follow the path and create.

I would love to hear how things go for you if you try this meditation and/or any of the techniques I suggest above.

Aham Prema. Om shanti. 

April 23, 2023
Brooklyn, NY

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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